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The Denver, Colorado Downtown Aquarium Visit the website. The Houston Aquarium Houston, Texas Downtown Aquarium Visit the website. That sushi restaurant has an aquarium in the dining room. Kihavah Anantara Maldives Villas Underwater Restaurant.

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Top 10 themed dining in the Metro Phoenix

Orizona dining tries to show that themed dining isn't just for children, and they succeed. Many of the southwest paper clips and steak houses exist, but the items on this page go beyond that. No matter whether you visit the valley or are a local inhabitant, take a look at these 10 themed dining establishments in the Phoenix underground.

Situated in the city centre, the restaurant is a true commercial centre, offering a variety of foods and refreshments, shops and even movement areas. In the evening the commercial turns into a theme beach lounge from the period of the prohibitions, equipped with cheap refreshments and entertainment for everyone. Even more tempting (and more dangerous) than the ring is perhaps after a few refreshments the store in the village corners, which sells clothes and home d├ęcor at unexpectedly low rates.

Mighty Wurlitzer organs stopped being produced in 1943, but a restaurant in the valley has an authentic replica and invites visitors to a show every evening. Pasta and gluten-free choices are also available. Hula's Modern Tiki is a funny selection of 50's Polish style dining that you won't find anywhere else in the state.

The Stockyard is an incarnation of the stylish co-owboy common, which means you want your shoes to sparkle a little before you visit. Known as Arizona's native steak house, The Stockyards has been serving classical West food since 1947. Following a fire in the 1950' s and a refurbishment in the early years, the restaurant remains an integral part of the area.

While the cuisine will cover everything you would want from a cookhouse, it will enhance the ante with some more exhilarating choices such as moose, bison and wild pig. Rustler's Rooste is probably the most careless Cowboy Bar you'll ever see. This huge restaurant serves delicious meat dishes, seafood choices, rips and rattlesnakes, and each dining room receives a generous portion of sugar floss after supper.

The restaurant's interior offers two floors of walking and sliding down the renowned chute. It opens at 4:00 p.m. and remains open for a long time; the steak house is served from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Oh, and don't you ever say hello to Horney the Bull while you're there.

Accompanied by a classic clothes and home decoration boutique, the small restaurant offers a range of old-fashioned dishes, from warm snacks to comfortable, nutritious dishes. Located at the Bass Pro in Mesa, this whimsical and cave-like restaurant serving shellfish is connected to the Bass Pro in Mesa. Accompanied by oversized decorative fisherman's net swimmers, the entryway houses a large and mesmerizing 13,000-gallon aquarium filled with a colorful selection of tropic mammals.

Of course, the menus include shellfish such as Atlantic lox, prawns, tiltapia, wels fish and sea bass, along with a barn of staple foods for restaurants, complete with pastas, steaks, sweets and lettuce. Lone bartenders in Harold's Corral always have the opportunity to sit next to Willie Nelson's real, definitely not scary sitter. Cave Creek Road As you climb the Cave Creek Road and cruise through the dry wastelands, you'll find yourself in a city full of colourful old-fashioned stores and coffee bars.

It is very important that you pass them and turn right into Harold's Cave Creek Corral. Travelling to Harold's Corral is an indication of the ambience you will find in the twin bars and restaurant. They can get classic dishes of cowboys (i.e. innumerable kinds of meat and other different kinds of meat).

Harold on the other hand, after nightfall, turns into a haven for those who want to solve their problems in two steps. The Rawhide is a return to the savage wilderness that the whole familiy can savour. The Rawhide isn't just a themed restaurant, it's a themed city. The small westerns city, which was moved to Chandler from Scottsdale in 2006, has everything you need for a good time and a good night's sleep.

You can find pubs, a prison and souvenir stores, but what really catches the eye is the solid Steakhaus. Rawhide and Saloon Steakhouses are adorned with old musical implements and hunt trophy, chariot wheel and spar. Cooking steaks vary in size from six to 16 oz, and for those who want to survive to compete, there' s the Ultimate Cowboy Challenge.

The Rawhide rattlesnake (it has the taste of chicken) and the meat loaf coated with speck are other favourites on the menue. Although there are honey tone pubs and lounges in the restaurant, Rawhide is suitable for families and children's meals are available.

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