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Personally, I want my own website, but the developers of the Diy website are ugly! Good website builders charge crazy fees and I still won't own my website. I'm looking for a shiny new website and looking for advice on how to choose the best website builder. Their portfolio should speak for itself, so put it in scene with a website designed for an architect. Select from our creative design templates for architects and present your architectural work.


Optimised pictures are crucial for user-friendliness, website performance and finally for rankings. Pictures that have not been optimised do not only have an effect on the load..... Website stats show important traffic information that enables you to analyse and enhance your websites. The architect has a choice of built-in typefaces, and we also have a custom type widget that allows you to.....

Accelerate your Architect drafting and edit process with shortcut keys. Preview general key combinations: The architect has a useful photo editor that you can use to make important changes to any picture on your website. The Architect makes it simple to store a site back-up; this gives you the option to perform the recovery on a site.....

To achieve quicker page speeds, Architect routinely adjusts each uploaded picture to make sure it looks its best..... To accelerate your web designing processes, you can take full advantages of the copy and insert functions.

Monograph: Website-Builder for architect, by Architekten

Are you sick of changing your website all the time, locating and incorporating plug-ins, and establishing web site hosted? The Monograph Website does all the work associated with creating a website and provides a dedicated site designed for AEC pros. Of the many communications opportunities architect use to attract prospective customers and attract supporters, the website is probably the most important.

Selecting the right platform can cause headaches with a variety of website construction plattforms and compelling topics available to them. Seldom are there real answers that find the right equilibrium between nice designs, slim navigational styles and affordable products, and even fewer that are tailored to the needs of the architect. Among the most frequent errors that an architect makes when designing a website is deciding on a website layout that does not have easy navigational control.

We' ve all seen sites that offer awesome motion pictures and breathtaking visually, just to see them turn into tricky frustrations after a few mouse clicks. What do you think of the world? A further flaw is a unique web site that does not allow the user to access certain sites. That means blogs and community members can't post and tweet certain hyperlinks, but only your home page, which forces their audience to search for information.

The majority of architectural merchandising is based on great visual representations. Two important issues are involved with pictures when creating a website. Building a website that is simple to use and organized is the foundation of any architect's work. Technological, aesthetical and functionality considerations define a company's transport, behaviour and image.

A perfect architectural website should let the work do the talking for itself and minimize maintenance work. The Monograph Website is a subscription-based website builder offering attractive and attractive artwork and a free online services provider. In contrast to other website building plattforms like WordPress, Monograph Website is conceived to be what you see is what you get.

Whilst working in WordPress can be tedious and requires coding skills, the Monograph WebsiteBackend displays the page you are working on exactly as it will look when it goes live. The best thing about the Monograph website is that it was designed by a talented architectural staff who became businessmen.

Moe Amaya founded Dixon & Moe, a Boutique based consulting firm specializing in the creation of application and consumer electronics solutions and services for the AEC industrial market. Monograph Website is the agency's first ever online web site, an industry-specific web portal, website builder and concierge services specifically developed for architecture.

Available visuals concentrate on the visals and let your product range stand out. Currently the site has three beautiful topics - Avant, Mezzanine and Meridian - with three more to follow. In Arkansas, Modus Studio moved to the Monograph site when its prior site became too complex. This cross-typology and cross-scale company, which ranges from sustained renovation and conversion to town planning and apartment buildings, has created its own website.

By moving to the Monographic Website, Modus Studio was able to use its website as an on-the-fly promotional tools to quickly present its work to prospective customers. "Monograph's special website redesign with Monograph Website has quickly enabled us to get the information that is important to prospective clients," the architect said. "Everything is flowing fast and organised to the users, our philosophies, our design teams, our products, our contact details..." they commented.

Keep up to date for the forthcoming Monographic Dashboard. Monograph Dashboard is a data-driven business application that helps architect and engineer better comprehend and manage their business by integrating design and engineering with scheduling, forecast, reporting and easy CRM.

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