Around the World Wedding Theme

Wedding theme around the world

Choose your hobby as your wedding theme! Classic vintage-style mini suitcase favors boxing travel-themed wedding. Seventy Travelling Topics Wedding Ideas that Inspire Pick your hobbies as your wedding theme! Classic balls as centrepiece and Guestbook, cards as background and for decorating corridors, classic boxes piled up for different kinds of decorations, baggage tag for wedding gifts, store data and invites that look like cards or embarkation cards and so on. Especially I particularly adore travel-themed wedding pies with cards and balls and fun pies towers that show the traveling pair.

Fifteen creative ideas for a travel medicine wedding

When you dream of a wedding, but your fare and hotel are out of your range, turn your party into a full blast of travel-driven accents. You and your spouse may also be a few jet-setters who want to divide their adventure with the guest through a thematic itinerary. These are some of our favourite wedding detail that will make your guest seem like they are being kidnapped to a distant place.

So how do you schedule a travel-related wedding that doesn't shit?

I am not overreacting when I tell you that when I got betrothed in late 2016, I had no idea what kind of wedding I wanted. I have always been the one who dreamed of her next pass stamps - not her wedding gown or her wedding location.

Although I hadn't thought much about it yet, I quickly realized that my wedding had to have a theme for my trip. Here is the thing with thematic marriages of any kind: they can either be really fantastic... or they can be really kitschy. It was my decision to organize an uncheesy wedding on the subject of travelling.

So if you want to schedule a travel-related wedding (or if you just want to browse through some of my wedding photos), this is the thing for you! Planning a wedding with travelling themes would be the simplest way. There'?s nothing like "travel"... well, travelling!

However, your location doesn't necessarily have to be travel-related - just make sure it provides a good setting for all the other travel-themed features you'll be considering. To say that your wedding theme is "travel" is quite wide; you could take it in so many different ways! In order to prevent this, I suggest that you choose one or two focal points for your topic.

Perhaps you centre your wedding around a particular location or land, or around your preferred means of transportation (think of airplanes and trains), or around earlier journeys you have undertaken. Choosing balls and bicycles (as Elliot is quite an enthusiastic cyclist) we explained a "vintage travel" theme that fitted well with our semi-rustic location.

It was much simpler to schedule the remainder of the detail with a more focussed theme. As soon as you have narrowed down your topic of interest, you should be able to search for invites that might fit. You have to choose whether you want something super-themed like invites that look like IDs or passports (which would be great if you go to a "flying" theme), or something more subtile.

We' ve only made plain autumn invites since we had an autumn wedding - but also because I couldn't find anything I liked, that yelled "Vintage Travel" that didn't take the subject too far. This touch depends on your theme, but can be incorporated into your decoration, wedding ceremonies and even handy parts of your wedding.

At the heart of our work were old-fashioned balls blended with LEDs and candleholders ( also sweet ones I found with a compass on them). We had a deck of stacks of vintage cases (one from each of our grandmothers) with the upper one open for cutting them. Here is the thing about wedding presents: You really don't need them!

I also thought about using baggage labels or bicycle-shaped cylinder stoppers for our favor. But at the end of the afternoon, many will either throw these courtesies away or just never take them home. Instead of squandering funds on courtesies that we thought were sweet, but that may not be practicable for all of our visitors, we have opted instead for eating them!

With flavoured poppcorn we went from a locally owned firm, which was great for us as we both like poppcorn. Theme dinner... or not? Are you gonna deal with your dinner? When you are making a country-specific theme, it would be simple to customize your food/desserts; or you could go to an overseas buffet and enjoy all your favourite foods from around the world.

As our topic was quite general, we went with quite regular wedding fodder - but we had a lot of good times with doughnuts and apple wine for desert, which helped us have an autumn wedding. For three years before we got hitched, Eliot and I were living together (and we also purchased our apartment half a year before the wedding).

Thus, we didn't really need all the usual things that one receives as a wedding present. Which would be better for a wedding about travelling? It' not really a tip, it's just a general idea of how to plan your trip: this is YOUR tag, and you should be spending your cash on the parts that mean the most to you.

To us this means paying a fortune for good groceries and a great photo (calls Jadie Photo!), but not paying for actual plants (wrong ones look good!), costly decoration or a vending machine (we installed a home with an instax camera). It didn't matter to us whether we followed all the wedding tradition or not - for example, we jumped over the garters thing and instead tossed two bunches of lots!

There you have our classic wedding on the subject of travelling! May not be the best way for you to get a subtile glimpse of our topic for your trip, but hopefully you still brought one or two ideas from this one! Topic weddings: yes or no?

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