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The Artist Portfolio WordPress is an appealing theme developed especially for artists, photographers, designers and creative people. Take a look at these amazing (and free) WordPress themes that you can use for any art website. Best-WordPress 29 Topics for Artists (2017) Looking for the best WordPress topics for artist? It is sometimes difficult to find the right theme to bring out your creative potential and your talents. We have handpicked some of the best WordPress topics for performers in this review.

Because of the versatility and liberty WordPress provides, it is used by artistes around the globe to post and advertise their work on-line.

WordPress self-hosted page gives you the liberty to use all the functions of WordPress. Next, you need to log in to a WordPress Publishing host client using a WordPress registration form and registration of aomainname. Bluehost is one of the biggest hosters in the word and is an authorized WordPress endorsed hoster company.

As soon as you have registered for your host, it is your turn to download WordPress. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to launch a WordPress Blog and you'll be up and speed in no time. Just click on the button below. Now you can design your WordPress page. Please pick a topic from our drop -down menu below.

For help with the installation of the theme, read our instructions for the installation of a WordPress theme. After that is said, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress topics for artist. Please note: This page contains both free and chargeable WordPress topics and all are fully portable.

The Creatica is a versatile WordPress theme for artist, design agency, blog and more. Delivered with breathtakingly stunning and ready-made demonstrations that you can easily set up with a click. There are also a variety of adjustment choices, including several headers, side bars, customized widgets, and a high-performance theme option panel. What's more, you can customize the theme to suit your needs. The Meteor is an elegant WordPress theme for artist, craft and portfolio sites.

Featuring grids, carousels, brickwork, and block portfolio artwork, it lets you view photographs, designs, paintings, artwork, video, and more in a beautiful way. You can also select different layout for each individual product in your portfolio. There is also a CV page creation form and a section for adding additional utilities.

The Martho is a WordPress multi-purpose theme that can be used by blogs, photographs and artist. The Martho site contains several homepage themes, blogs, project pages, gallery artwork and more. There is WooCommerce capability and a built-in portfolio mail client with several viewing choices. The Indigo is a beautiful multi-purpose WordPress theme, meticulously crafted with an artful eye for detail.

There are also 14 ready-made template files for creating a website. Those sites contain a blogs, magazines, portfolios and story theme that is perfect for an arts site. The Freelo is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme for artist, illustrator and arts blog. There is a built-in portfolio area with various different lifestyles and nice animated style sheets.

It is possible to select from several colour scheme and even make your own. Several page layouts, infinite side bars and even a side bar builder are available. The Nico is a beautiful WordPress theme for artist, photographer, illustrator and more. With a beautiful, filtering, grid-arranged portfolio, it will help you present your work in an elegant way.

The Nico offers several customisation choices such as user-defined colours, user-defined backgrounds and titles, as well as integrating via mobile phone channels. There is a user-defined topic field that helps you to create your website simply. The Heron is a minimalistic WordPress theme for performers, blogs, and authors. Distinguished by a nice typeface, earth-coloured colours and a clear, generous outline.

There also comes with Autor Organic User Box available for multi-author WordPress websites. It' simple to set up and customise using the built-in Topic Option panel. Like the name implies, Design is a WordPress theme for graphics professionals, illustrations and art. Contains a portfolio component view with more than one style to show portfolio components.

The homepage of the topic has a two-column lay-out on the screen and a one-column lay-out on the phone. Using the minimalistic style that provides a distraction-free and appealing look, it presents your portfolio objects. There is an entry page on which you will be guided through the topic setup procedure. Ambiente Pro is a WordPress theme for artist, blogger and photographer.

Ambiance Pro is specially developed to present your pictures and photographs nicely and offers a nice selection of layouts and stylish type. There are several page styles for your blogs, archive and target pages. It' fast and simple to set up when you use Real-Theme Customization mode. The Creativo is a WordPress theme that can be used to create almost any type of website.

There is an integrated portfolio area with nice viewing possibilities. There are also several layouts for your blogs and homepage, and it can also be used as a one-page design. A stylish, multi-purpose WordPress theme with an integrated portfolio manager. There are many built-in customisation possibilities and it is fully portable.

Cantline is a wonderful WordPress portfolio theme with a stunning look. Featuring high-performance user-defined widgets, a variety of layouts options, and a well-designed portfolio section. There is a permanent side bar on the bottom of the page with user-defined backgrounds and different page styles for blogs, portfolios, archive and gallery. It' a WordPress theme for narrators, photographs, artists and more.

Developed to provide an immersive consumer environment with voice, text, video as well as pictures. It' perfect for long format contents, portfolio, photo gallery and videogallery. The site has nice template for individual contributions and pages, photogalleries and a singular homepage design. On the inside, you'll also find tonnes of fitting choices with colour themes, side bars, customized widgets, shortcuts and more.

It' a wonderful WordPress theme for publishing houses, with an emphasis on great typesetting and wonderful presentation of pictures. There is a vibrant, wall-like design that can be set up in one, two or three column to suit your work. A Portfolio Contents will also be supplied, enabling you to present your photographs, pictures, audio and/or visuals.

The Suarez is a breathtakingly nice and contemporary WordPress theme for blogs, photography, artists as well as stories. Developed to provide an immersive viewing environment with a stunning presentation of photos and pictures. At the top, the homepage contains a large full-screen headers picture, followed by a brickwork of your most important contents with smart use of pictures.

Additional functions includes category carousels, side bar filtering, subscription boxes, community content widgets, and more. The Nisarg is a nice free WordPress theme that' s great for artist and blogger. You can also use user-defined background, user-defined color, and various mail format for videos, art gallery, and other postings. With the Theme Customizing tool, all theme settings are easy to customize.

It is a contemporary WordPress theme with a distinctive look and feel. Designed for artist, illustrator and photographer. Provides a tile-based view of pictures in an appealing raster design. There comes with mutiple page and post styles. Additional functions such as a top drop-down list, a top drop-down list, community menus, side bar widgets, simple set-up and much more.

Memory is a nice WordPress theme developed for lifestyles, fashions, art and private web sites. There is a galery screen that presents your photos, themes and other fine art works well. Designed to include several colour themes, various layouts options, user-defined backgrounds and headers, and user-defined broadgets for your online content list.

The Sanremo is a free WordPress theme for blogs and artist. Characteristic is a minimalistic, generous lay-out with large pictures. There is also a user-defined plugin for linking via socially accessible websites, a tacky top navigational bar and a bottom line plugin in. Do you need a light and vibrant WordPress theme for your illustration?

It' a WordPress portfolio theme for designers, illustrations and photographs. There is a widgettized homepage lay-out with a slide control and marked contents areas. There are integrated portfolio, service and customer segments. Additional functions are user-defined mail format, background, headers as well as community widets. The Draft is another free WordPress theme designed for artist, illustrator and blogger.

Uses tagged pictures to show a grid-based look on the home page. Comes with a welcome window, user-defined colours, head and backgrounds. You can set up all theme selections using the Customizing tool. This is a WordPress portfolio theme with a minimalistic look and feel and a raster lay-out. Provides gorgeous portfolio template views to view portfolio assets such as pictures, photographs, videos, as well as sound clips.

Provides a variety of colour selections, supports mail formats, and can also be used with third-party photogallery plug-ins. Partallax is a contemporary and classy WordPress theme for portfolio, art and photographic web sites. Provides full-screen parallel axis background and a uniquely designed look. You' ll also find user-defined broadgets for your favorite content such as content for your favorite content, portfolio section and picture filter.

You can use it as a one-page theme, a one-page page with endless scrolling, or as a normal multi-page theme. The Hestia is a free WordPress theme with strong functions for creating any type of website. The Hestia is simple to set up with the help of the Hestia theme adapter. The Verb is a beautiful WordPress theme designed specifically for designer, photographer and artist.

There are full-width styles to view portfolio item and page pages. There is also a custom style sheet with a right side bar. Verb provides a painless set up with choices that you need and none that you don't. There is also a first aid page to help you get up and running in just a few moments.

Are you looking for a theme to enhance your own unique trademark? Profiles is a WordPress theme to advertise your own unique trademark on-line. There is also a nice portfolio area. At the top of the homepage is your own picture, followed by your own twitter feedback, your own link to your website's website's social profiles, your own postings and portfolio elements.

It' simple to customise and comes with multiple shortcuts, template and user-defined widgets. Wrap can be the ideal way to show your graphics if your graphics are important to you. There are three home page layout options, multiple functions for discovering contents, and a nice pop-up window for playing your movies.

There are also 4 different headers, a contents merry-go-round, dynamic page building, as well as 4 different headers. There are multiple page layout, customized widgets, and simple adjustment choices. Ecolipse is a classy WordPress theme for the photographer, artist and blogger. The homepage of the theme offers a nice slide control that presents your latest work.

Comes with a customized wideget to view your Instagram pictures and video. WooCommerce also has nice artwork collection, portfolio section, and is fully compliant with WooCommerce. Everyonely is a challenging WordPress theme for face-to-face web sites, blogging, and artist work. Comes with 4 different homepage and log layout, mail template, art galeries and symbol font.

Setting up the theme is pretty easy, so you can get going quickly without having to struggle with the setting. Hopefully this piece has help you find the best WordPress topics for artist and designer. Take a look at our Envira gallery plug-in if you need a more rugged WordPress galleries presentation for your work.

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