Artist website Templates Wordpress

Website Artist Templates Wordpress

Merchato on your site gives you the best websites on the market. The Creatica is a versatile WordPress theme for artists, creative agencies, art blogs and more. The Meteor is an elegantly designed WordPress theme for artists, craftsmen and portfolio websites. Below is a list of WordPress themes for artists to use when creating their website.

Beautiful 11 Wordpress themes for artist websites

I' ve been talking a lot about using WordPress for your artist website. If you are an artist, we can even create pre-installed WordPress Sites. Over and over again, a fistful of artist ask me to divide my WordPress topics that work well for them. Eventually I sit down and put together a shortlist of some of the best topics you can have on WordPress.

WPFolio - is simply, slim and simply to serve. It is the topic that comes nearest to the "traditional" artist sites. You can get WPfolio 2.0 here. Static GraphPaper Press is a free topic from GraphPaper Press featuring a giant picture above with a galery further down on the home page. Full Screen - A non-traditional site that is ideal for those who want to leave a big impression with their work directly from a standing position.

Work-aholic - another topic of Graphpaper Press for free! Payed topics often have something special to them. I' ve been playing with a whole bunch of high end topics. Below are topics that I have successfully used to play with or that other artist I know and rely on have successfully used. Elegant theming' Vivi is great for an artist because it's a topic specifically developed to make working in WordPress easy.

Kelli Bickman is a wall artist that I have been following for some now. Your website is based on the topic of depth study, and I like it! Go get depth study here. Fotocraft - this is a great subject for those who work in serial or have powerful topics to their work.

It' meant for the photographer, but you can definitely use it for your work. There is also a slideshow integrated into the topic. Portfolios - Would you like a simple blank motif with very little diversion? Moreover, Portfolio treats all your pictures as user-defined mailtype ( in WordPress speaking, this is the notion of how to deal with it ).

Have you got any great WordPress topics that you use for your artist website?

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