Extensoft developed Artisteer, a tool for creating WYSIWYG websites. In my many years as a webmaster/affiliate marketer I have tried many editors and web design tools, and I have to say that Artisteer comes no closer. summary and features">edit]>/span> Extensoft Artisteer is a WYSIWYG website development software designed by Extensoft. The Artisteer software automatically creates web templatas, includes the "Suggest Design" pushbutton, which creates a random web page and shows the webstage. Users can then customize the look with various different settings and either choose to print the look as a Web templated in XHTML and CSS formats or as a WordPress topic.

The Artisteer is available for the Windows OS. An Artisteer for Mac OS 10.5 release is making gradual headway and can be down-loaded. Artisteer is an automatic WYSIWYG editing tool that conceals the HTML page detail from the users and allows non-editors to build web pages, web template and blogs.

It makes it very simple to make table-less layout. The Artisteer allows a user to view web pages in previews in many web browser, provided they are already on their computer. In contrast to other HTML-Editor Artisteer does not build fully functioning web pages, but web template, which should either be either hand built into a web app or used on a CMS system.

The Artisteer also offers the possibility to create Wordpress topics that do not need any further changes and can be exported to a Wordpress system by directly copy them into the Wordpress directory "themes". With Artisteer you can automate the web designing in the way that a useful web templated from arbitrary items can be put together without the need of additional users.

Users call the automate function by choosing the Suggest theme checkbox and can then verify the proposed theme. Web Appearance Today, the concept of Web Appearance and Web Appearance is increasingly used to describe these and other types of web apparel that eliminate the need to fulfill many of the tasks traditionally associated with web apparel and web delivery.

The Artisteer is available in the following languages: Included in the bundle is a large number of graphical items such as wallpapers, texts, effects and photographs. Enables a web site visitor to build a web site theme and/or a web site style sheet by clicking the submit icon. You can also configure the layout items yourself.

You can export the final artwork quickly and simply to or various common CMS like Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, DotNetNuke. Completed designs conform to XHTML 1.0 Transitional and include HTML and HTML and CSS validations according to W3C web standard. Once designed, it looks the same in all web browser.

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