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Avada Center is announcing the 2015-16 theatre season.

Featuring three seasons of musicals and three seasons of games, the show is full of favourite tracks, including a debut, two local releases and an on-going partnership with the Creede Repertory Theatre. Individual 2015-2016 theatre ticket sales will take place on Monday, August 3; subscribers who donate US$300 or more by June 1 will earn a free gift certificate for each ticket.

This voucher can be used for theatre productions in the 2015-16 series.

Harvest Festival Arvada

2018 Parade Winner !!! Take your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, neeps, neighbour children and all your heirs to a good old-fashioned teddy bear picnic. "Jake's tree box" Award-winning retail stores in West Arvada Colorado. Solid nourishment... Come and get it before summer's over.... The Arvada Harvest 2014 has won again the Best in Arvada award thanks to all our loyal festivals mates.

Arvada Harvest and Parade are a reminder of the heartfelt story of what was once a mainly rural municipality of Arvada, Colorado. It' the second longest continuous event in Colorado. From October 1925, to mark the finalization of the first cement route between Arvada and Denver, this communal heritage is cultivated by the Arvada people, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and the Arvada Jaycees.

Today, a large number of Arvada's residents and neighbours are producing and hosting this Arvada culture and historical feast, with the Arvada Junior Chamber Foundation having 501(c) 3 Status. Both our festivals and our parades are characterised by our dedication to family, ancient festive tradition and the accentuation of free or accessible activity for all.

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