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The Astreya Partners, Inc. is an information technology (IT) services company providing IT talent outsourcing and infrastructure services to businesses in the United States and internationally. Evaluations of Astreya Partners employees about the culture of Astreya Partners, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. At Astreya, we are an information technology (IT) services company that provides IT talent outsourcing and infrastructure services to businesses. At Astreya Partners we are an IT services company focused on recruitment, network equipment sales and consulting.

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At Astreya, we are one of the world's leading IT service providers, with an unshakeable commitment to the satisfaction of our customers and people. Astreya' s people are at the heart of who we are, what we do and how we stand out in the emerging regulated service business. Welcome each individual contributor and pride ourselves on our capacity to advance the career of our people.

There are a number of opportunities for careers in the most popular IT jobs on the jobsite. Every careers pathway has identified traces that emphasize the most appropriate role within and outside Astreya. They always know what abilities, experiences and qualification are needed to reach high objectives and reach your careers objectives.

Employer reviews for Astreya Partners

However, the enterprise itself is horrible. Doesn't bother about his co-workers. They must prepare a progression schedule and concentrate on the improvement of individual people. I' d love to have a month's worth of meetings with my manager. Skilled managers who were too thinly staffed. Do you need more staff to support your people? Positively / radiantly ratings are placed there under the guidance of managements (which they will deny).

A few businesses make tough things look simple. It is Astreya who makes the fundamentals seem tricky. Whilst you are working with large local customers, you are really a second-class national. Bad mangement. Permanent migration of staff. Who' s your manager? It is a riddle how customers come to terms with this. - You work for large technology businesses - Google, Facebook, etc. - and that's the only good thing the business can do.

Senior managers need to pause and think about how they do things. The number of staff leaving the firm is high - the mean length of employment in the enterprise is about 1.5 years. There' s a permanent pledge that things will get better, but nothing will be done - just pledges, pals, pals, pals, pals.....

It' got good customers, but the firm itself is really terrible. Do not join this firm by seeing its customers who could spoil your future at the end of your life. Distorted governance, no visibility, HR strong enough to make choices. Putting might in the wrong hands could ruin this business and will never prosper. Incompetent managment, back to your promise.

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