Breatheme is feature-rich, fast, efficient, customizable, expandable and ubiquitous. Breatheme is a set of software that implements Relay Chat Internet Instant Messaging Services. * /path>atheme Breatheme is a range of IRC network service offerings developed for large IRC network with high scaling needs. It' a relatively sophisticated piece of programming whose source is a different piece of programming from Shrike. The behaviour of Atheme is adjustable via module and a high detail config-files.

When you run this from Git, you should see GIT Access for directions on how to fully checkout the Atheme trees that are distributed across many repositories.

No matter what you do, make sure you don't place Atheme in the same place as the well. Breatheme installs in $HOME/atheme by default, so make sure you schedule this accordingly.

Breatheme IRC-Plattform

Breatheme is feature-rich, quick, effective, customizable, expandable and omnipresent. Breatheme leads the way in revolutionizing new functions and continues to lead the way in terms of strength and reliability. More and more network providers are using Atheme on a daily basis, and some of IRC's best-known network providers are already using Atheme. Networking like freenode, EsperNet and DarkMyst all rely on Atheme IRCs.

Something as feature-rich as breathing may not have everything your networking needs. In these cases Atheme provides both an exceptionally neat CAPI as well as a high-performance, well-structured Perl user-interface. Expanding your service has never been so easy! Shouldn't your IRC service also be quick? The Atheme IRC service is not only the fastest, but also the most scaleable IRC service out there.

Breatheme assists in connecting to over twenty different IRC demons. Breatheme offers all the functions you have come to expect form today's IRC service like BotServ and HostServ, as well as innovating new functions like GroupServ, ChanFix and InfoServ.

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