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Testing a WordPress Topic for a New Website

Testing a WordPress topic for a new installation is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a new WordPress Web site. However, when you are installing a topic on a new copy of WordPress, it is difficult to know what it will actually look like if you begin to build your website with more than just a one-time "Hello, World!" posting.

Rather than just having one topic installed and hope for the best, it's best to test your topic completely before you begin to build your whole website. Once you have finished your trial, you can reinstall this design and know that you have selected a winning design. We will discuss in this paper why it is important to test a WordPress topic before using it on a new website.

We will then show you how to do this in two easy stages with WordPress' Test Data unitme. It is important to make your choices with care when choosing a new topic. Viewing screen shots or even trying out a demonstration is a good way to begin, but these are not nearly enough to assess a topic correctly.

A certain topic, for example, can look breathtaking, but also have trouble under the bonnet. Often a few moments of fiddling around with a topic is enough for you to know if it fits well. When you test a design, you can see if it works the way you need it to, and if it's compliant with the plug-ins you want to use.

Although your website is new, you may still not want to test your design on your own site because it can confuse things if you actually want to start. As soon as you have a secure place to test, you're set to move on! WordPress' Test Data unit allows you to create the appearance of a website that has been around for some time.

As soon as you have imported the files, WordPress generates a pile of pages, different kinds of articles, menus, sidebars and more. In this way, you can perform a much more real test of your prospective topic. First, please dowload the latest release of the Test Unit Test Date themes and then go to the Test Page' dashboard.

Then, browse to the Tools page at Import and look for the WordPress at the bottom. When you first use this utility, you must click Install Now: The Install Now button will soon be superseded by a Run Importer button that you should click:

Click the Select Files pushbutton, find the WordPress Test Data themes on your computer, then click Upload Files and Import: Wordprocessor prompts you for four fictitious writers to be imported for your work. WordPress will take some getting your new contents up and running. You are now prepared to test your new WordPress theming!

Here you can reinstall and enable your new design as usual and get down to it. Here is how you can test your design: Randomly review some of your test entries to see if the topic formatted them the way you want. Try out the Widgets you want to use on your home page and make sure that the design shows them properly.

Installed any plug-ins you want to deploy to your main website and test if their features work with your new look. When the subject of each of these moves is passed with bravura, you are good to go. Naturally you have to optimize everything that is not right, but as soon as you are finished, you can setup the page on your new WordPress page and make further changes to the page itself.

Testing a new WordPress topic can be challenging. However, if you are just starting your website, you don't really have enough information to actually test it. In order to fix this, using WordPress' Test Date unit themes gives you the ability to use real-world contents to see how well a selected topic meets your needs, objectives, and designs.

Installs the Test Data unit on your stage or on your site. If you have any question about how you can test a WordPress topic before it goes Live on a new website, please feel free to contact us.

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