Atopy Pronunciation

Pronunciation Atopy

?æt?pi/ Atopy definition, an allergy that involves an inherited immunoglobulin of the IgE type that predisposes a person to certain allergic reactions, such as neurodermatitis. What is Atopy called in English? Atopy is pronounced in English.

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Translated from Old Greeks into English www2. org (atopía), from www. org (átopos), from ?- (a-) + www. org (tópos, "place"). An inherited disease characterised by the development of local immediate allergenic sensitivity to hypersensitisation such as pollens, foods, etc. and characterised by rhinitis, allergies, asthma or similar allegic states; generally regarded as being the result of a combination of environment and genetics.

No matter which factors are used to account for the rise in asthma, they must also be able to account for other atopy bursts. An individual who suffers from allergic reaction; a case of allergic reaction.


1920-25;, n. 1923, minted by Edward D. Perry, teacher of Hellenic at Columbia University, at the wish of doctors, from the ancient atopy " unusual ness, foreignness, a being out of the way", from the atopy " out of place, weird, curious, eccentric", from a-, private preferred (see a-(3)), + potos "place" (see potos).

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