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AudioJungle's latest tweets (@AudioJungle). Store your master file(s) Describes how to prepare your audio files for delivery to AudioJungle. If you need help with our online download procedure - including formatting your filing name, tag and description - please refer to our Articles Download Guidelines. Please see this for more information about the writers associated with the Performing Rights Organization (P.R.

O.) and the filing of P.R.O. registrations.

More information about sharing YouTube Content ID of your recorded songs can be found in this review. You can have your data in WAV and/or MP-3 formats. When you submit a set of filenames or a package, make sure they are properly labeled for ease of reference and add a listing of each filename and its corresponding length to your inscription.

When uploading a song, you can add up to 5 variants of a song (including the title). Select whether you want to load the master tracks, a short loops release, an instruments release and a logos release. Don't export stalks from the primary lane (e.g. bass line only) as these are not variants.

Max. length of a song is 10 min. One Sound Pack (multiple sounds), The max number of sound you can put in a Sound Pack is 50 of them. Overall time may not be more than 10 min. Sum up the length of ALL your songs in your Sound pack and type the combination length in the Length box.

You can find details on how to load sounds in this section. Single Musicpack ( Multi Song ), All traces in a single package MUST be already present AudioJungle elements. Every package must not contain more than 10 tunes. Length must not be more than 30 min. It is not possible to use the same lane across several packages.

The package description must contain a listing of all elements in the package, with links corresponding to the elements already present on AudioJungle and the length of each element. Type the ALL of your track durations in your Music Pack and the combination in the Length box.

You can find details on how to download music packages in this section. Music Kit, please read this section for details on how to properly build and deliver your music kit. The Logos/Idents Pack, the max number of elements you can put in a Logos & Ident Pack is 10 elements.

You will find details on how to submit logos/idends in this section. Make sure that any sample, audio track, or loop that is not your own work is properly licenced for use in the previews and/or major downloads. Non-compliance with this policy may cause your files to be deleted or your accounts to be deactivated forever.

Please note: Although AudioJungle accepts audio with voice track, it must be in English with a few exceptions. It is necessary that your master asset and all the asset files that make up your master asset are located in a single zipped directory. Please note: Your primary data must not be larger than 1 GB after compression.

All entries lasting two seconds or longer must be watermarked with AudioJungle by the authors. You' re going to sell your own tunes, not our watermarks! Once you've submitted a song and added variation, you'll need to add to your preview.mp3 all of those that aren't directly extracts from the primary soundtrack.

Variants that are straight slices from the master tracks do not have to be listened to seperately on the preview.mp3. When available, store all support information in a separate directory within the root directory with ZIP archiving. Send your files to AudioJungle! Here you will find directions for uploading. May I use already available audio loop samplers?

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