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A built-in music player makes this possible. WorldPress templates with audio player. Can I use the audio player from the template file of my WordPress theme?

Audioplayer WordPress Topics

The theme will be a great addition for builders, builders, architects and renovators, businesses and service providers, communities and individuals, healthcare, realty, engineering and photographic sites. This theme is a good choice for artists, painters, designers, photographers portfolios or authors, museums and exhibitions sites. It is intended for mode, aesthetics, social cultures and web-sites.

Select this style sheet for Café-Restaurant, Gastronomy, Accommodation and Travelling Sites. Renting commercial website, brokerage website, brokerage website, accommodation website. Fast to respond, this WordPress theme is best suited for real estate, architecture, automotive, and enterprise Web sites. Fast-reacting WordPress theme best suited for cafes and restaurants, interiors and furniture, groceries and beverages, and corporate Web sites.

You can use this theme for your brewing, wine, café, and dining sites. WordPress is the most attractive theme for real estate, architecture, business and transport sites. This topic is meant for sites about dancing, sports and healthiness. It is best viewed on familiar photography sites, design portfolios, and arts galleries sites.

The WP theme is intended for cafés, restaurants, groceries, beverages and breweries. Company website, bizool website, start-up website, finance consultant. The theme has been developed for winery web pages, wineblogs, cafes und eateries, wine-growing and caterers. The theme was developed for the fields of justice, economics, communication, training, social affairs and cultural affairs.

You can use this theme for hairdressing and cosmetic parlours.

Inserting an audio player into the template file of your theme

Can I use the audio player from the WordPress theme templates for my WordPress theme? Here is a short step-by-step guide for those who want to include an audio track in the WordPress theme templates. Get the audio player plug-in from here. Modify your templates and use the following PHP source text (where you want to paste the audio player).

Aargs = array('fileurl' =>''); cho sc_embed_player_handler($args); you must use the right url of the audio you want to use. Or you can give extra player parameter, like the following example: $args = array('fileurl' =>'','autoplay' =>'true','loop' =>'true'); just add your own player; the above script should include a play-able audio track that looks like this:

If you want to use the audio player artwork 1, use the following code: $args = array('fileurl' =>''); recho sc_embed_player_templater1_handler($args); you can also use the following PHP source instead of the above: All shortcuts you see here can be used in your templates using the above technology.

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