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Similar items May I use already available Audioloops sample? Be sure to carefully review the general music upload guidelines before you submit a package of music data. Every package can contain a max. of 10 traces. AudioJungle elements must be present on all track.

Overall length of all routes must not be more than 30 min. Make sure that your previews include all your track's content and the complete tune of your track's tune, including the tune markers.

All you can do is embed music titles, not adding a logo. Store a high qualitiy copy of your file(s). No. All data must be 44.1 kHZ 16-bit digital audio. You can have your data in WAV and/or MP-3 formats. You must have a 320 bitrate for your favorite music. When storing a set of data sets, make sure they have an appropriate name.

You must include in your package a complete set of titles in your thumbnail. Notice: The water mark should be heard, but not too noisy. The listener should be able to listen to the sound without being diverted. When your files are longer than 2 seconds, you must first place the AudioJungle logo over your files.

You can download the water sign in a kit containing a WAV and a 60-second fast layout and exporting application. When using the individual marker, you must insert this filename at appropriate increments (once every 10 seconds). Don't apply too many special effect and don't alter the tone of the waterprint.

As soon as the watermarked image is superimposed on the image, you can create an instant pre-view of your image in your own audio-player. Descriptions should include a listing of each and every article in your package, along with the corresponding duration/length of each article. AudioJungle must contain a link so that each of the tracks shown in the listing refers to the corresponding element that is already on AudioJungle.

You should type the length of all your Music Pack songs into the length box, e.g. 10 x 1:00 songs, you should type 10:00 as length. Send your data to AudioJungle!

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