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The Authentic solution includes one-click importable demo content (pages, blog posts, etc.) to help you get started when you have a new WordPress installation. As the name suggests, Authentic is a pure and reliable WordPress blog topic. Latest tweets from Authentic Themes (@authenticthemes). The Authentic Themes offer some of the best Premium & Free WordPress Themes on the market.

Life Style Blog & Magazine WordPress Topic by codeupplyco

The Authentic is a lightweight and lightweight WordPress theme that fits neatly with life-style blogs and journals. There are so many stunning functions that will highlight your blogs or your newsletters among other things. Allow your users to experience the clear, modern look of your new website with Authentic. The Authentic is a WordPress minimum blogs and journals theme that focuses on contents and legibility.

The theme will provide the great browser viewing for your fans. Don't be afraid, extremely adaptable doesn't mean you have to waste long hours creating your design. Our adherence to the best WordPress practices: "Authentic has only the really necessary options." The Authentic feature contains our user-defined PINEST "Pin It" button on all pictures.

The Authentic application has built-in stickshare button, customized Facebook, Instagram, and twitter widgets. What makes Authentic so unique? In order to make your contents look nice, we have added extra formating functions: dropping cap es, lead-ins, sales-container. It' really simple to use them: nothing to encode, just choose the elements from the standard Wordpress graphicalditor. Authentic is fully reactive and looks great on any machine, despite its extensive layouts.

Indeed, we have tried Authentic on seven different types of hardware to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience. Not only do we offer topics for sale, we also offer the largest after-sales service of all time. Our aim is to react as quickly as possible and give the most effective answers. Facebook - Facebook Like Box to attract more fans.

It is not contained in the topic. Page speeds listed on the sell page are for your convenience only and depend on the chosen demonstration, topic, host setup, and contents. Certain theme functions (e.g. YouTube background video) can adversely affect page speeds. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us with your question or comment via our e-mail.

And if you like Authentic as much as we did, please consider evaluating it. Our ticketing system offers us the possibility to offer our customers assistance. So if you want us to check your problem as soon as possible, please open a tickets at We try to answer as soon as possible, usually within a few hour, but on public days and weekend it can take up to 48hrs.

We receive all your questions and offer free assistance for all problems related to updates, even if your licence has lapsed. Open a lottery ticketing in our ticketing system and our technical sales representatives will help you.

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