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Anthony's overarching guideline for the design was that it wasn't boring! Design Daniel James Brown website. Writer of Daniel James Brown. Boys in the Boat >>

visit the Derek Palacio authors page. Author Web Site Design Service creates easy-to-use and highly-converting author Web sites.

Authors' own brands do the same. Your website design will create an emotive link to your readership like a great hardcover album.

Authors' own brands do the same. Your website design will create an emotive link to your readership like a great hardcover album. Intuitively, design communicates a sense of excellence. Each author's objectives are different. A few of them create the excitement of peril. There are some who seek to awaken confidence and authoritativeness. An author conjures up luxuries and profanity, while another conjures up dangers, humour or pleasure.

Their author Website is the turntable of your mark on-line - the place, at which all your marketing comes together. No matter if your reader discovers you in your favorite sites like Amazon, Powell Magazine or the piles of Powell's, every single moment they come to your site, it's an occasion for you to develop an emotionally connected relationship, buy a copy, sign up a subscription and win a fans.

Website Author Design: Finding The perfect Author Website Designers

Their website is the turntable for all your booksarketing activities. Even more than the artwork of your books, your website defines your trademark as an author. Immediately when your site is visited, your website users will know whether you are an author of modern horrors, historic romances, or just an author who hasn't taken the trouble to substitute this "under construction" news on your homepage.

However, where can you find a gifted web design talent with the right expertise in his area? How can you find someone who can build the author site you've always dreamt of? Our web design service includes the following: How does an author's website work? Your author sites must fulfil a few fundamental features.

In order to build a website that stands out from the masses and helps you find (and keep) new audiences, you should also think about it: Which advantages does commissioning a freelance website author have? Consequently, many author pages are incredibly intimate. Your use of User Experience ensures that your users can find the information they need quickly and get directed to one of your goals: whether it's to download your books or subscribe to your newsletters.

You will not be dragged along with a casual design artist who provides a one-price fits-all servic. Its comprehensive portfolio includes pages for best-selling writers such as Stephen King, E.L. James (Fifty Shades of Grey) and Anthony Horowitz. No fixed fee exists and each design can make you an individually tailored quotation according to their expertise and your needs.

That means that you will get a number of offers and answers to your letter so that you can select the right designers for your website.

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