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Best 18+ WordPress Topics for Authors and Writers (2018)

There' s no lack of WordPress professionals to create a website for any possible alcove in 2018. Whilst it can be reasoned that you can use almost any topic for your author's website, there are some text-based WordPress topics that are more suitable for anyone who wants to present their typing abilities.

Be you a novelist trying to escape into the freelance realm, an accomplished author looking to build a podium to advertise and market your e-books, or a featured weblogger willing to take your website to the next stage and expand your audiences; your website should have a professionally designed website with functions that focus on the emphasis of the spoken term.

In 2018, what should Great Reading Themes look for? If you are on your way to find the best WordPress topic in 2018 for your on-line write engine, consider the following features: WP themes with powerful typographic characteristics make sure your contents are always readable, regardless of which devices your people use.

Reactive and minimal design: Avoid using eye-catching design features in favour of a minimalist design to make your contents stand out. One of your objectives is to make sure that your selected topic contains WooCommerce assistance. Today's article brings you a selected list of the best WordPress author topics for writers, editors and promoters available on ThemeForest in 2018:

A great WordPress writers topic allows you to highlight your web site so that your homebase can be easily found, navigated and promoted on-line. An excellent authoring site can help you organize more appearances if you are a blogsmith, present your best letter as a reporter, or market your book and advertise your author profiles.

Creating many Web sites, or using many graphs, stills, and other imaginative media you might be interested in receiving limitless WordPress themed and plug-in free Envato Elements plug-ins. The Envato Elements program allows you to freely browse and print WordPress topics and plug-ins for one low per month charge.

Plus, you get over half a million photographs, typefaces, Photoshop promotions, graphic templates, and more. These are some of the best WordPress topics for Envato Elements authors: The WordPress topic places the font in front and in the middle. Easily build blogs to show off your typing skills and let your website show them in an eye-catching and tempting way that your readership can savor.

Its design is completely reactive and retina-ready, so it looks good on any machine, and it comes with many functions under the bonnet that make it simple for you to customise the website and build the desired layout without programming. With the Oliver Topic you can view this inventory so that employees can find and view your work with ease.

Oliver themes' minimalistic styling, with its large blank room, directs the reader's eye to you and your words. Though the design is easy, there is nothing minimalistic about the feature set. It' s full of delicacies like galeries, faders, a drag-and-drop page creator, headers and sidebars, and much more. iBloga is a grid-based, highly reactive WordPress topic that helps you get your website up and running quickly.

It' s creatively designed is great for writers, and you can adjust the colours, typefaces and other website items to your taste. Watch the face-to-face demonstration to see the neat, crisp design of this subject with its scrolling motion, lush typeface, variety of Widgets and Symbols and much more.

Explore more great WordPress topics and plug-ins on Envato Elements (as well as a vast choice of over half a million unique files): Let us now get to grips with ThemeForest's most beloved WordPress topics for training and consultancy. It' s timely to make the most of WordPress for your team. There are over fifteen text-based WordPress topics for 2018 here, specifically developed to promote your business writing:

The author WordPress topic has a contemporary and practical design. Best part about this Wordpress topic for writers is the Wordpress WooCommerce integrator, which makes this topic a good option for anyone who wants to resell their e-books through their website. You can use this topic to create your new author page in 2018 and begin reselling your e-books.

Find out how to quickly set up and customise this design: The Storia is a text-based WordPress topic designed specifically for those who like to tell tales and create story. The author website submission has a minimum design with remote diversions, making your story the most important thing to happen on your website. It is made to quickly attach your letter.

It is fully reactive, featuring a must-read field, tagged reviews, and more and more layouts to help you get your site up and running in 2018. The Writer is the place to be if you want to differentiate yourself from the game. The WordPress item motif contains pictures for items that resemble wrappers, which is a sure way to attract your visitors' interest.

Further functions are the Google+ Authorship feature, search engine profile and search engine optimization. You can also use a high-performance option Panel along with Visual Composer to adjust the design to best fit your style. The Foret is a nice and classy subject for creative people, novelists and playwrights.

A minimal WordPress topic for authors, this WordPress topic offers many adjustment possibilities that allow you to build a truly original author experience on-line. And you can modify any part of your website layouts thanks to the enhanced Layouts Builder and a high-performance Topic Option pane that lets you design your colours, type faces, background, and more.

It also has a nice WooCommerce content repository artwork and feature so you can quickly get your e-books for sale and present your professionally written work. Another sleek WordPress topic, The Thinker has just enough functionality to make a great authoring website without overwhelming your audiences. Topic updated in 2018.

And it also has WooCommerce functionality, which is great if you want to market your written work directly from your website. Templates such as Projects and Showcase allow you to present items that have been posted on other sites in a simple way to showcase your best work. This thinker contains Jetpack plug-in assistance that allows you to create your website share opportunities to advertise your site widely.

WorldPress for Writers may look easy on the outside, but it's full of all the necessary functions to make your 2018 work. Fully reactive, this text-based WordPress topic for writers has a clear, minimalist design with sleek types. Featuring enhanced layouts, breathtaking pictures, quotation assistance, articles and author pictures.

In addition, the design contains shortcuts and can be adapted to your own make with the Live Customizer. A fast-reacting topic, featuring a sleek and contemporary design, and supporting slide shows for every single entry. The WordPress text-based topic has a powerful typographic emphasis to make sure your contents attract the amount of interest they deserve.

Fully reactive and retina-ready, it contains FontAwesome supporting and locating data that makes it easy to localize your website. When you want a grid-based design, look no further than Motion. It' s a great way to present your write clippings in an organised way, along with the option of highlighting specific contributions to underline them.

The WordPress topic for freelance contributors and creators is based on the Redux framework, which offers many design choices, and you can further modify the design using the Visual Composer plug-in. In addition, this WordPress motif has an appealing design, translatable file formats, and Slider Revolution to help you produce impressive slide shows with your best work.

Accentuate your letter and make it look good on-line! The Penoolis is a great minimalistic WordPress topic for authors that focuses on your work. It is a good option for anyone who wants to present their letter in a way that is easy and uncomplicated. Fully reactive, the text-based design features a topic option pane that lets you adjust colours, type, and more.

There is a folder page so you can show samples of your letters on other sites or you can use it to encourage your book and ebook. Additional functionality in this author Web site templates for Wordpress includes postal formatting, Google Analytics integrations, community content and more. Look at the North topic if you are looking for a basic text-based WordPress topic for writers with a high emphasis on legibility.

Minimum design allows you to present your 2018 texts in the best possible way, together with fat printed pictures and a clear lay-out. There are several page templates and different mail format supports. Font styles, colours, background and more can be adjusted with ease. North is fully reactive and cross-browser compliant.

Its clear design allows your letter to differentiate itself from its own advantages - without distractions. The Novelist is another WordPress author topic on the design bar with a truly original design. The WordPress Author Topic contains a full-width wallpaper that can be adjusted to a different picture for each of your pages.

This author's website design for Wordpress is similar to an open source work. There are even thumbnails that can be added using the built-in WordPress system. This is a topic I really like - I was looking for a design for a novel and the styles and functions are off the cuff! Design is reactive and contains an AJAX page break so your pages are loaded almost immediately.

Topic contains limitless colour possibilities for links and you can simply post your own company image on the website via the website interface. The Forte is a contemporary and attractive subject with daring images and great typeface that will draw your items' eye. Even build a member page and share some of your contents as part of your fee-based member experience with this WordPress item themed.

The WordPress topic for free-lance and corporate copywriters is fast-reacting and features a nice heroes section and supports wallpaper work. It is a basic and minimum writing topic for WordPress, ideal for those who want to set up their website as quickly as possible to bring their contents to market in 2018.

Design incorporates minimum style and fast adjustment possibilities, just the right amount to integrate your author's trademark without loosing countless moments of your precious work. Simply insert a feature enhanced picture into any item and include video or sound. Look at the SmartBlog Writers topic if you want a wide range of home page layout and many customization possibilities.

It' a little more professionally than even the best free WordPress topics for authors. Also included in this easy WordPress author topic are various page templates, postal galeries to showcase your work, enhanced typographic checks, and multiple archival laysouts to help you organise your work. ArtMag Author Website template for Wordpress contains five different pre-configured page designs and six different contents sets that, in combination with Visual Composer, give you full editorial freedom and give you the ability to present your contents in a truly original and stylish way.

The WordPress topic for authors, professionals and blogs also contains a mega-menu to add as much as possible to your own pages without overtaxing your work. It is also fast reacting and retinal. You can use it to create a memorable website that writes your blogs well! The Semantic is a neat and reactive WordPress item motif with several different homepage layout and nice gallery to present your work.

In addition, the design is fully reactive and features a high-performance Topic Option Panel that lets you change colours, type, backgrounds design and other aspect of your website with ease. It is a great WordPress topic for authors and serious contributors. The creation of your website with a beautiful topic is only the beginning.

Improve the exposure of your franchise by building your own brands online and ensuring that they are fully populated and linked to your website. To get the best results, use a topic like SmartBlog to embed your website's share button and icon in it.

Join sector-specific groups and take full benefit of LinkedIn's publication platforms to boost your website visitor-base. Down-line community are also another place to establish links and cross-promote your work and website with others. Visitor postings are one of the best ways to raise your profile and attract new target groups to your website.

For the most part, you will have the opportunity to integrate your author biography, which should be linked to your website where interested people can see more of your work. Now you can create links to your own portfolios page, such as the one contained in The Thinker or Penoolis. You can use a topic such as semiantic or titan to embed trading views throughout your site to increase your site's other pages, such as your web shop or your inventory.

Rather than seeing other authors as your competitors, consider joining with them to organize a collaborative online seminar or workshops to exchange invaluable information and grow your audiences and website traffic. Your goal is to create a more compelling and engaging website. Building a website to encourage your letter is necessary if you want to attract new customers or boost your book and e-book turnover in 2018.

Find out how to create your writer's Web site in WordPress: Choosing a WordPress topic and a little more smart advertising will put you on the right track to a rewarding typing success. Even if you're on a tight schedule, you can still get a free WordPress free WordPress topic for your website.

Or, find out more about Envato Elements, which lets you unlimitedly browse and dowload WordPress topics and plug-ins for an Affordable, One-Time Per Month Charge. Not only can you use Envato Elements to create your authoring website, but you can also search for great images for your website, advertising material, and even your jacket.

Editor's note: Our employees update this article on a regular basis and add new WordPress topics with the best, trendiest design.

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