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Justice a writer with Writer & Author Themes and Templates! Its dramatic design and bold layout make this template the perfect portfolio for writers and artists of all stripes. Five author website templates have been specifically selected to make the most of the content you choose to share with your audience.

Top 22 Writer Website Templates for Bloggers and Writers 2018

Whether you're a blogsmith, a reporter, or someone who loves everything to do with typing, you'll like our best authoring website template page. Allow me to ask you a question: Do you like to type, but you don't have a website yet? That' s why we have put together the definitive set of fine, content-oriented website template for authors.

Rather than write on a sheet of empty newspaper, why wouldn't you want to begin posting your article on-line? Or, even if you already use media and WordPress plattforms, have you ever thought about creating and maintaining your own website? When you have a long-term planning for your typing projects, you certainly need to create a website.

Even if that means the easiest and most basic blogs with a post area and a side bar. As long as it is yours, you have full command of your projects and can soon develop them into a full-time company. Using convincing article and SEO-friendly website browsers will quickly grab your website and the orange flow will flow towards your page.

Make it like pros do it with writers website submissions and get excellent results quickly and simply. Whatever you write about with passion, Panora Web Site Template is the best way to get connected with your audiences and give them the experience they need. A lot of different ways to make your web spaces stand out from the masses and draw more visitors are available.

Thanks to the use of all the latest technology, Panora is also fast, portable and interoperable across browsers. Begin today, get the template downloaded and get your website up and running with several different demonstrations to select from. But you can use Deus for any other write projects you want and distribute your contents to audiences around the globe.

TravelExpress could be something for travellers and adventure seekers that best suits your ideal venture. Although it's a template for a tour operator website by default, TravelExpress can do much more for you. There are two nice style blogs (Masonry and Sidebar) in the package, which you can use as a separate page for free.

Could we then also call TravelExpress an author website template? There' s no need for you to be really skilled when it comes to creating web sites. No matter if you are an agent who needs a blogs or if you just want to create a diary, think of TravelExpress. Rather than just write for yourself, why not write on the web and want to put your text on the market?

In order to get things moving, NewsToday is the website write template for papers and on-line magazine. NewToday was created with Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Sass and fully supported Gulp. The use and manipulation of the template will be something almost anyone can do. Start your write operation now. To get a contemporary and classy look that is neat and easy to use, get your hand on Blackbeard Writers website template.

Don't look any further and begin to get your website in order. Blackbeard uses Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 for a seamless and robust computing environment for each and every end-customer. The Blackbeard also comes with a help wizard that will lead you through a great time. Things that you are writing about are important, so it is a must to use the Newspoint Author website template to present it to your readership.

When you have everything at your disposal and you' re up and running, why make a page complicated from the ground up? This means take a template and have a page fast online. The Newspoint is retinal and reacts to the fact that it always looks nice and interesting. You' re not far from building the page you always wanted for your letter.

Since the cryptographic currency hypes are still powerful, you might want to set up an on-line cryptographic journal. Push essays, top dealer reviews, and share all kinds of tics, travel, and other useful information, everything is possible with CryptoMag writers website submission. They can get started immediately and have the first results at their disposal to check them further later.

When you are looking for a proper, orderly and up-to-date schema that works on all browser and platform, you need Escritor Web site template. While you can launch a Journey, Reviews and Meals blogs right away, doing something completely extraordinary is also possible with Escritor. Escritor's pages are fast reacting and optimised to always look fantastic for all your visitors.

It ensures that you have all the information you need to prepare your website for the web as quickly as possible. ZNews brings newsgroups, blog posts, and any other authoring projects to live with the ZNews Author Website Template. Briefly, you can get everything started with ZNews. The ZNews is a bootstrap framework template that ensures the reactivity of your site.

When you' re willing to take actions, ZNews is even more so. You can use it for both your own blogs and your company's pages. Choosing a template not only increases your work flow, it also guarantees that the end result is always first-rate.

The Cryptex is fast reacting, net containing and optimised for web sites and webbrowser. Blogs are retinas and mobiles willing to make sure your website looks great on every individual blogging site. Whatever they use to browse the web, the power of your site remains unaffected.

Join the Blog ging masters with Blog masters HTML template and launch the write projects you've always wanted. This crisp author website template will make all your text appear tenfold better and more eye-catching. Talking about themes, Blog Masters works with all kinds of nooks and crannies, like eating, lifestyles, fashion, travelling, it can really be anything.

Altogether sixteen data sets and five wonderful home versions cover every Blog Master users. Coolly hovering effect, full width instagram feeder, minimum look and announcements prepared, Blog Master is suitable for both novice and experienced Blogger. If you have a point that you can convey through your letter, the best way to do this is with the MinberiMag Web site submissions.

There are eight attractive and distinctive home designs waiting for you and helping you get your typing projects going. At MinberiMag, we're fast, network-enabled, and browser-abled to make your site look amazing despite the devices and platforms you use. MinberiMag lets you concentrate 100% on your letter and let the template do the work of presenting it in the best possible way on line. But the built-in blogs section is so unavoidable that it was a must to add it to this compilation of the best written website layouts.

Yes, you can use the MiniPo blogs section as an individually designed website and make your voice heard. Indeed, there is not only one blogstyle, MiniPo offers seven fanciful with five extra blogs detailing. When you are one of those with several different inspirations, Yolo is the template you need.

Fully loaded with treats, this multi-concept utility is prepared for any purpose. So you can do a lot of things with it and also use it for a writearound. To use the contained layout of the blogs and to fill them with new and appealing contents. In order to create a website that will bring you contents to the folks who want to browse it, Neotech is the recorder website template you need.

The Neotech platform is built on the power of the Bootstrap framework for strength, versatility and usability. Neotech also plays with rotten pictures, which makes the template even easier. No matter whether you want to cover various subjects related to Canada's Quebec or something somewhat extravagant, do it all with the template for the Quebec author's website.

The Quebec is 100% reactive and the return screen is set to look breathtaking on any machine. The Quebec website is filled with twenty HTML pages and over fifty items to ensure that you can build the website you know. Offering you a completely new range of options, this multi-concept template opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

It has a large number of ready-made blogs from which you can select and use for your next draft. Quickly find the look you want for your blogs on the online previews page and get a better idea of what you can do with Crea;tink. But there is very little you can do with news 24 writers website submission.

We have one for general messages and on-line magazines, the second for sport, the third for fashions and the last for football-messages. Now get 24ews, begin to share your letter and expand your fellowship to a new level. Many numbers we have to go through when we chat over the Funky template.

Because Funky is a multi-purpose template, it can be used by almost all people. In addition to the usual Funky-Template there is also the possibility to select between black and bright layout, to re-use the items and is interoperable across browsers. Watch it in operation and you will know immediately that Funky is the right one. I' ll wager you did, because you're already looking for the best solutions for your project's web sites.

Once you've eventually chosen that typing is what you're truly ardent about, get things moving with AhaMag Magazine's HTML template. Maybe your projekt is a big on-line magazin or a small blogs, one way or the other, AhaMag has you under control. This template is optimised for performance, has a llazy payload function and offers a whole range of Widgets.

The AhaMag is an HTML5 template based on Bootstrap 4, which allows a smooth adaptation to mobil -, tables - and desktopscreens. Each file is organised so that modifying the template is an easy task. There are four kinds of blogs post, a contacts page with a working contacts page and a beautiful choice of shortcuts are some additional treats of AhaMag.

Our library of quality author website artwork includes a mix of blogs and magazines. There are a few multipurpose plugins in between to really give you as many template variants as possible. Above all, to take good care of your typing project with a sound website design.

Another one that comes under newsletter and magazinebased templates is I-News. Fast-reacting bootstrap template ideal for entertaining, traveling, fashions, general messages and any other alcove you want to cover. With Google Maps, YouTube videos, two wheather-widgets, eight extra homepage variants and many other exciting extras, I-News is astonishing.

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