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Autor Website Templates Wordpress

When you are a writer and want to create a professional website, look no further than Divi. I' ve recently written about why you should use WordPress for your authoring website. Wordpress 5 Topics for Professionals One of the first choices you need to make when it comes to sites is your choices of design or submission. One topic will set the pace for your website. If an author selects a subject, he must choose one that both attracts the visitor's interest and assists the viewer in finding and buying the author's work.

As you prepare to create your author page, or if you are in the process of updating or redesigning the page, you should consider the following topics that have been specifically written for writers or are readily customizable. Released is much easier than the last topic. It' intended for writers who want to advertise their book first and then their blogs.

There are bookland pages that can be linked to all important e-book stores. They can see the used topic, find the demonstration under Original Themes and buy it at the Adobe Store. WordPress Author Topic is perfect for writers who want to advertise their works while focusing on their blogs.

See the demonstration on the Compete themed website, and the topic can be freely obtained from You can also see the author topic if you wish. One of these topics is Flatsome, which was not developed for use by writers, but actually works very well.

This topic was found by an author I know and his site looks great. The UX Themes demo is available on his website, and you can buy it at ThemeForest. The Divi is a WordPress topic that allows you to create your website with a powerful text editing tool; such topics are sometimes referred to as page layout topics.

Although they offer some complexities (there is a learn-behind to them), they are perfect for writers who want a high measure of controllability over their layouts and designs. And Bella Andre is a best-selling author who uses the topic of divis. Learn more or buy divis by Elegant Themes.

The SKT Launch is a unified topic. This works for writers who have just completed their first books as well as for writers who have a long list of backgrounds. It' a straightforward, versatile and customizable topic that allows writers to directly market to the reader or simply advertise their work. You can find the demonstration on the SKT Themes page.

There is a free copy of this themes on, and SKT Themes also sold a professional copy with more functionality. When you need a single -sided page for your books, this is the topic for you. The free topic is mobile-friendly and quickly created. Your can start your work less than ten moments after you install the topic.

They can find the demonstration and the topic under down load. Writer proposed an early release of this article. They may not have the same issues, but before you invest, make sure you know when the topic was last refreshed and what the latest ratings are like. Which WordPress topics do you use or suggest?

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