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We recommend that you take a look if you want a free WordPress theme that is guaranteed to be well designed and coded to impeccable standards. Automattic's free high-quality WordPress themes When you want a free WordPress topic that is sure to be well crafted and encoded to flawless coding and coding specifications, we suggest you take a look at the increasing number of topics that have been produced by the WordPress business arm: Automatic. Such themes are used on, the Hosted Business Edition of WordPress, but they are also free for anyone to download from the repository.

Today I will take a look at the free Automattic themes that you can use today. An eclectic, time-honored blogs topic that includes up to a large three-column blueprint that is neat, reactive, and easy to read. Marriage blogs are a central topic adorned with delicate but beautiful texts and ornamentation.

About Ryu is a clear topic for face-to-face blogs. A picture contribution's wallpaper colour matches that of the picture it contains. Superhero's one-column, widget-free children's themed film. An adorable marriage themed that helps you organise all the important detail before the big one. Built on Justin Tadlock's favorite Tadlock topic, Nuntius provides an enhanced brand-new page layout that lets you emphasize gooey articles and content category.

Trendy and funny design with one columns, a user-defined headers and a user-defined highlight colour. Contains specific Aside, Gallery, Image, Quote, Link, Chat, Status, Audio and Video Mail format settings. It is a subject that has an old fashioned look with semi-academic grace and elegance. Quintus is suitable for viewing text or pictures and provides a refreshing look with room for individual customizations, plus user-defined background, menu, headers, and the ability to add notices.

Would you like to use your blogs for a single click one? Is it a two-column site with a user-defined headers and no post? An eerie and monstrous topic with a lot of tips and delicacy. Join the festivities with Cheer, a bizarre, structured vacation themes with artwork from The Fox and King. Sunspot is a crisp motif with delicate lattice and sunlit highlights and is a great all-purpose blogscreen, especially for those who like a darker colouring.

Further characteristics are a user defined headers and a user defined backdrop, two optionally available Widgetareas and an attractive lay-out, which adjusts easily to smaller screens. This is a free videotopic provided to you by the people at Automattic. There is a videocarousel on the start page. Uses the Movie Mail formats, Widgets, Custom Backgrounds, User Defined Headers, User Defined Menu and a User Defined Links function for your Sites.

This is an elegantly daring topic with several optically different postal sizes. It is a gloomy subject that combines old-style ornamentation with contemporary styling and type. There is a user-defined headers, a user-defined backgrounds and a widgets area in the side bar. Supports various mail types, such as secondary format, galleries, images, quotes, links, chats, and music.

It is a great all-purpose motif with a deep colour pattern with vibrant accents of bronze and a structured backdrop. Customize your own look and feel by adding a user-defined head or wallpaper picture. The full -width artwork from Parliament allows your pictures to be as large as possible for maximal effect. This is a subject that offers an excellent blend of colour, touch and type.

Created by Kcmr. It provides a user-defined headers, a user-defined backgrounds and a maximal of three widgets areas in the bottom line. Delivered with support for various mail types, to include side view, galleries, images, pictures, quotes, links, chats and music.

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