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I' ve got avada theme for Wordpress and avada theme is version 3.7.3. Link for download with the note "Download Avada 4.0.

3 here".

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We can see that you have handed in a ticketing through our help desk. One member of our staff will be deployed and will reply as soon as possible. Many thanks for your continuing assistance! Hopefully you will enjoy the new functionality that came with Avada 5. 0, we have some great blueprints for Avada in the near term.

Hmm, the topic option should have stayed the same after the upgrade. I' d suggest you first back up your databases and then export the Avada 4.X choices to your Avada 5.0. For further help on this issue, please contact our Customer Service Centre to request a complimentary issue submission.

One member of our staff will be deployed and will reply as soon as possible. I just purchased another licence and now that I am trying to get this thing installed with the new fix, it just crashed my website. Only way to get back to the page is to remove the topic by hand.

I' ve got the older Avada releases up and running and they all work well until I do the upgrade and everything goes down. Could you please go to our Customer Service Centre to hand in a tickets? One member of our staff will be deployed and will reply as soon as possible. People, just to tell you that you did a great thing from release 4 through 5.

AVADA, the Schweizer Messer from WordPress Themes, has just gotten much better. For those not yet sure whether to buy or not, why not buy AVADA and get additional design times that you previously invested in programming without sacrificing throughput? 80% of my customer pages are created with Avada and I will keep doing so!

I' ll forward this to our whole staff and wish you lots of fun traveling with Avada, as most of the landings page doesn't have a menue item. is it possible? However, with our design you can reach almost any lay-out, so it is quite possible to make a page without a menue, you can deactivate the menue for a particular page with our singular fusion options.

Can' t get the new password once I have Avada 5 up and running. 0 I click on the hyperlink and avato does not load the page Creating Password? If this does not occur, please try another provider and see if the page downloads, if this does not help, please also fill out a form immediately and our technical assistance will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hello my technical assistance has expired. Do I have to buy another technical assistance pack just to get the new one? Do you mean to say that the Envato page on which you are creating the temporary password is not loaded, or is it the Avada page on which you are inserting the temporary password? For the Envato site, you must contact the Envato technical assistance staff as we cannot solve this from our side.

Otherwise, the best way to solve the problem is to contact Envato. The three-part registry procedure is complicated and only worked for automatic topic up-dates. So far, this has been a workflow using the old Envato APII, which is going to end very soon. As the old Envato APII ends, we have to work with the new APII, which contains many corrections and fixes.

Obviously, I didn't think it was a guilty party, it was mine. There were 3 pages of some user-defined shortcuts like button s/symbols that work well on this release of Avada. When upgrading and conversions were performed, the new release was unable to correctly translate these user-defined shortcuts, and the resulting "content error" was a problem. So I have been identifying and modifying these user-defined shortcuts to be in the Avada line, I've been doing the update and conversion again and now everything works like a charme!

Avada shelter! Thank you for purchasing Avada and being a great client! If you would like to purchase a complimentary tickets please use the following form and our technical staff will be happy to help and advise you. It is possible to store a notepad in the library that updates changes on all pages where the notepad is used when the notepad is used?

Dear Avada - this is the first. I' ve purchased Avada several time ( today even another license), and I'm even on your test drive mailing lists. What I'm doing won't work - so now I'm going to try to refresh the topic manual, which is okay, but if that's necessary, it would be great to get it from you.

The most loyal of your supporter who help you become the number one topic of all times? Only my sincere feed-back.... still loves the topic, the tech and will buy more licences. I can' find out how to upgrade to a new merger Builder. "If you upgrade to Avada 5.0 and go to the WP administration area, you will see a start page that shows the detailed information about the converting process.

We have been looking for it everywhere - no updating buttons of any kind, neither in the Fusion Builder area nor in the Topic Options area... We have been mailing all our clients a regular email for almost 3 month, have you signed up for our emailletter?

This is the communities page where you sign up for our newsletters, join our Facebook group and more, I can tell you that we never forgot that our clients are indeed the only reasons why we are number 1 and will remain number 1, it is the passion and encouragement of each and every one of you that motivates us to do bigger things.

Second, you should always receive the Update notice when you have your purchased product signed up for automatic updates, or you can always upgrade your product at any time via FTP as you have already done. However, if you have not seen the converter screens, which means that the upgrade procedure did not run smoothly, we have a hand triggered converter that can be seen in Avada > System Status tab and you can start the converter from there.

Hopefully that will be enough, but if you need further help, please fill out a form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, in terms of betas, if you haven't got any e-mails, then go to your spamming folders. I would suggest that you check your spamming and Junk folders to see if Git email gets thereutomatically.

so we can check if you're on the squad. We will never forgive our clients, you are the reasons why we keep making new upgrades, building community, offering technical assistance (even if they are great for old users!), having age groups and more. Just bought this design.

How come the download is still 4.03 or later? I' ve just tried to download and upload only the themes files, but I say that the folder already existed and the installation went wrong. Verify the release number in the styles. Your download package's CVS files. If you still have the problem, please immediately open a tickets with our technical team and we will be happy to help you.

It seems that the one I bought and download 6 nights ago was still 4.03. But if you haven't yet begun to build your website and want to restart from the ground up with the latest Avada release, I would suggest using the WordPress Reset plug-in to remove the databases, then just remove the Avada themes via FTP or the Designs page of your WordPress dashboard.

More about how to remove topic file here: Should you need further help, please send us a complimentary tickets through our technical hotline and a member of our staff will reply as soon as possible. Now that I've used the rescue plug-in and removed the old themes by hand, I've put the 5 to work.

For further help using Avada, please contact our Technical Service Centre to request a complimentary Avada tickets. One member of our staff will be deployed and will reply as soon as possible. I thought I'd get one step closer to this topic because you gave us the new one.

However, when I activate the topic I get the errors "page is not working" and "s currently unable cannot act this request. Please note that this is not the case. Run the latest release of WordPress. When everything is up to date and you still receive the bug, please immediately open a customer service email and one of our customer service assistants will contact you as soon as possible.

In the meantime your supporting tickets have been answered by our staff. On the basis of the above mentioned bug, I would suggest contacting your web hoster and asking them to verify that your directories and file names have the proper SMOD privileges and that your web site is owned by the WordPress folder owners.

For further help on this issue, please contact our Customer Service Centre to request a complimentary issue submission. One member of our staff will be deployed and will reply as soon as possible. This site has been working on Avada for 6 month, the update causes the issue. Woocommerce is also part of the bug, and this is contained as a plug-in in the themes.

We' ll probably remain at the current sofware layer, but it's not very good to disable a 6 months old install with an upgrade. I must also say that the six-month Envato sponsorship period was implemented by Envato and not by the writer. Because we are an writer on his market place, we have to follow the Envato regulations.

Envato has been negotiating with us on our customers' account and we provide generous customer service for those who bought before September 1, 2015. Everyone who purchases the product after this date must comply with Envato's Six Months/Renewal Guidelines. As for WooCommerce, we provide plug-in assistance and test each Avada release with a variety of plug-ins before publishing it.

We are more than fortunate to be investigating problems that occur between Avada and WooCommerce, but we only have the ability to solve problems that lie on our side of the line. WooCommerce is not part of Avada, we just integrate WooCommerce to give you a better user experiences, and a easy way to add it.

It' still a very standalone Avada franchise, and any problems you may encounter with the plugin should be clarified with the WooCommerce technical staff. When you are 100% sure that the upgrade has been handled properly, there are no old WooCommerce templates left behind (which can occur if the upgrade process is not followed), your servers privileges are set properly, and all your plug-ins are up to date, then we really need you to hand in a tick, so that we can view your install and bug, which could be the problem.

If you also see obsolete data from a WooCommerce message, then you have most likely "replaced" the old Avada directory instead of removing it and add the new one. Replacement can keep old stuff in the topic directory, which can cause this kind of thing to happen. We always recommend removing the old topic directory as you do with WP updates, you must remove the currently running topic and then download a new release that will remove all old data.

bought this topic a year ago. No more backup tickets. How come the download is still 4.03 or later? How an avada 5.0 update works I have no clue. Envoy stores only one copy of the topic and the latest one (5.0.1). When you receive Avada 4.0..

To be clear too, the downloader has the same name, and if you unpack it, it also has the same name "Avada" directory. Just reinstall it and you will see that it is the latest release which is 5.0.1. Avenada 4.0. Or you can just review it by looking into the Avada directory you are unpacking and opening the log. If you open the change log in the Avada directory, the latest release will be shown at the top of the page, along with any changes.

One member of our staff will be deployed and will reply as soon as possible. Hello, we just acquired this wallpaper design and put it on our website pedrodiaz.com.au. But unfortunately, when we tried to index the topic with the "Product Registration" with the buy key, it shows "Invalid Tokens or an equivalent Envato didn't buy Avada account".

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