Avada 5.0 Update

Update Avada 5.0

Update Avada 5.0! Morning Avaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaada Community!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!! We are working around the clock on the latest (and by far the biggest) update of all time, Avada 5.0! It is a fast improvisation mail to keep you informed about the advancement of things, some necessary changes, and some around the quality of information.

Avenda 5. 0 is up! Yes, the line "Good Morning Avada Community" is a homage to the deceased, great Robin Williams. Just feel right for our unbelievably committed 452,329+ customer base. First, we apologise as we strongly discounted the date of publication for when Avada 5. 0 would be completed.

This is the essence of evolution. Ladies and gentlemen, we apologise in all honesty for having underestimated our publication date. Fortunately, Avada 5.0 is unbelievable due to all our work! Everyyday so many of our stunning clients are sending e-mails, commentaries, tweets, Facebook postings, blogs commentaries, etc. and asking, "When does Avada 5. 0 go online?!?!????????

There is no way to say how humble we are when we know how much our client list is dedicated to the further evolution of Avada. It' hard for our staff to keep going and tell everyone that Avada 5.0 is "coming soon", but that's the reality, it's "coming soon"! Put in simple terms, this is our most comprehensive update ever, packed with great stuff that aims to make your lifestyle simpler by enabling you to expand your store, your client store or your own website through our stunning Avada that we all like.

Included in Avada 5.0 are major changes such as the all-new Fusion Builder with tens of new capabilities, over 50 Avada themes, and an incredible number of enhancements and performance-enhancing elements for the entire code base. That' s why Avada 5.0 is what it is, the best we have ever worked on.

During this update period, we kept looking for ways to improve the products. Sometimes the natures of evolution are unstable and are something we must always keep an an eye on. Part of why we failed to meet our launch date is this design phase, but it's all for the good of the project and will pay off!

The update is the evolution of a lifecycle that began in late 2015 and continues with Avada 6. This is the climax of many gatherings, discussion, and research to reach this astonishing fellowship of 452,329+ beautiful people. It is our aim to further facilitate, expand and expand our offering for our subscribers through strategic scheduled up-dates.

And our update story shows that, too, but we've made it this far in 2016 and couldn't be more upset! Those scheduled fixes have anticipated releases and unfortunately we are underestimating the 5.0 launch date. In the end, the latency you see is only good for you, because it's either something new we've added, something we've identified that can be enhanced, or it's all about thorough tests to make sure you get a sound update.

There is a very rigorous policy in place that we adhere to when updating our [num_of_users users=""]+ powerful community. In order to guarantee this, we have to be patience while we work through every part of the update. They do not want to publish the anticipated date due to the type of developments.

We ask for your understanding, however, that we work very closely every single working day to provide you with what we believe we need to do in every update we do. Join the astonishing Avada Facebook Users Group, join us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletters to keep up to date with everything that's going on.

We would like to give a big round of applause to the Avada User Group's stunning Facebook administrators Julie Larson, Geoff Powell, Alfred DeRose, Brad Vose, Vince Balk, Shaminder Ossan and Keely Worth as they continue to expand and nurture the Avada Facebook user group. At the forefront of the Avada user communities, they make new and old Avada members welcome and educate themselves.

If you haven't seen the contributions from Avada 5.0 yet, take a look at the button below. Our commitment is to keep striving for excellence in everything we do for you. Cheers, PS: Commentaries on this posting are disabled so we can concentrate on giving you what you really want, Avada 5.0!

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