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These are rather niches - demos for an agency, a restaurant, etc.. This plugin doesn't work with Avada Theme (Agency Demo) and the dropdown menu of whmcs, I've added your code, I'm looking for a simple, clean and elegant WordPress theme.

The top 10 Avada theme Freelancer for recruitment in October 2018

100% customer satisfaction 90+ complete 90+ project Hello, my name is Andras. 100% customer satisfaction 90+ complete project Hello, my name is Andras. I' ve been working freelance for almost a dozen years and have specialized in everything WordPress..... Is your expanding company in need of a new website or an upgrade to a cleaner and more up-to-date one?

Is your expanding company in need of a new website or an upgrade to a cleaner and more contemporary one? WorldPress has worked on a new word processor named Gutenberg, who will be responsible for.... I' m specialized in PHP-Framewo..... I' m specialized in PHP-frames like Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend Framework, Symfony2 and Yii. I' ve been creating WordPress web pages since 2014, many of which are in the possession of....

Since 2014 I have been creating WordPress web sites, many of which are privately held. My main work is with the WordPress plattform, the Avada theme of..... - Looks great, reacts fast, falls in the eyes & sticks out - .... boosts the ROI by a neat, contemporary and....

I am an experienced web design and development professional with a strong emphasis on WordPress CMS and WooCommerce integrations, mainly with the....

Top 5.2 things we're thrilled about, Dallas Digital Agency.

In this new version of Avada, side bars get some real romance. Glutinous side bars now allow us to concentrate on marketers' strategies that can raise awareness, subscribe to newsletters, or enhance advertising presence without having to use a user-defined encoded or third-party solutions. We at Atomic are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their email market objectives and recommending that they deliver consistently high quality email.

Newsletters can now be enforced even tougher with a gooey side bar, because instead of depending on the person who signs up at the top of the page, they can be asked to view your feed.

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