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Easily create unlimited blog pages, each with a unique look and feel and its own category of posts. Avada Blog Choose from 7 themes and a variety of customisation choices. Easily blog your site with limitless blog pages, each with a different look and feel and its own blog post group. One and two side bar compatibility, the blog item also allows you to make magazinestyle layout, the features are astounding! Any blog short code can use one of our 7 themes and can be used with a simple or double sideline.

Every instances has its own adaptation option, offering maximum per-use versatility. Enhanced blog walling settings allow you to adjust the number of pillars, the number of displayed contributions, the pillar distance and much more. Blog short form allows you to use it on any number of pages.

Every instances can have a one-of-a-kind sets of displayed category, giving you greater versatility for different layouts and even for magazines. Every blog instances you use has a variety of adjustment choices. Using these choices, you can select how each post is displayed, making it truly special on your site.

Allows you to manage the number of postings displayed with the blog link.

Allows you to show or hide the picture of the blog item displayed on each of your postings. Allows you to select endless scrolling or classical numeric page breaks for your contributions. Allows you to select whether the page numbering is displayed for navigation through the articles. Allows you to show or hide the blog item heading that appears on each of your postings.

You can use this to remove HTML from the posting, which is great for using abstracts. Each blog short code comes with a whole range of metadata choices. You can use these settings to activate or deactivate each individual section of the metadata or the whole group. Display or conceal all metainformation with one simple choice.

Shows or hides the creator of the article. Fade in and out of the contribution category. Display or hide comments and number. Shows or hides the date of the posting. Fade in or fade out the Read More shortcut with the symbol arrows. Shows or hides the tag of the message. With our portable viewing system, you have full command of which ads are available on 3 different display heights.

Each Fusion Builder item has these preferences and allows you to show or hide items at different display heights. You can also select what size displays they are! So you have the maximal amount of power to determine the precise point at which you want an item to show or fade. That' s not all, see below for each of the options contained in the blog short code. Item Viewability - Select whether you want to show or hide the item on small, middle, or large monitors.

Point them at all or just a few, giving you full command of all display resolutions. Every display has also a user-defined width in the Fusion Theme Options. xxx - adds a user-defined ID to the wrap HTML to further customize it. xxx - adds a user-defined ID to the wrap HTML to further customize it. xxx - adds a user-defined ID to the wrap HTML to further customize it.

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