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Avada debate | Responsive multi-purpose theme (page 753)

Hello, Avada. Do I want to have the blog page and categories page directly under the abstract for every contribution and not just on the individual contribution page? Can' t find the right place to embed it into PHP so that it appears right below the blog scrap.

Hi endstudios, you can use a plug-in that gives you a short code to paste it directly under the cutout or contents. Hello, can I modify the side strip width from 250 to 300 px without causing any damage? Navigate to Topic Option -> Page Width section to modify the page bar and contents width.

Hello, I want to be able to color my fonts in the menus, only on the home page? Only for the menue on the home page I want it know and then I want it turned off when I click on it. The Avada topic is an attempt to remove the short code so that the contents appear in my results.

From now on, when I look for something in a short code, the contents are not displayed in the results. There' s no simple way around this at the present time, it would involve user-defined programming and tests. And we have planned to include more searching functions, such as user-defined extracts for pages.

Now you can use a user-defined extract for postings, but not for pages. I' m trying to use Listview RSS in the customized custom screen to show side bar arrow instead of the standard arrow \f105. As an answer to amj4d's query about the colour of the menus on a given page, I was able to do something similar with a plug-in that allows user-defined styles per page.

It is also possible to specify the unique page ID and then use the customized style sheet box in the Topic Option. We also have a plan to include a user-defined HTML box per page in the near term to achieve this by standard. Please send a copy of your tickets to us.

This depends on the slide control you use, but should fall to the raster width or width of the slide. Thank you! How can I please use the children's topic? But can you really tell me what is the advantage of the children's topic? Yes, you can do this in the Topic Option -> Style Option -> Wallpaper Color Area.

1) - Is Fusion Page Builder copyrighted? 2 ) - Does this come with a one-click set-up for presenting ALL 29 homepage layout, all page examples, all picture contents and all slider controls (displayed on ONE page)? Hi Dreher, 2. Yes, the demonstration immporter imports all pages, articles, slider, topic settings, etc. with one click.

Yes, you can manage head visibility using page-based controls. Hi, I have a blog section with a side bar on the right side as standard. If there is an optional "no sidebar" for a single article, is there such a way for pages? Can' t find the full width edit window for single articles.

Secondly, I want to alphabetize my blog archives. Your design offers this feature? Where do I need to modify the number? Sincerely, S. My store page http://wholesale.animalheadbackpack. com/ has four items and for some reasons the shopping basket loader symbol on the hobber only shows up on the last item; I'm not sure why.

{\pos (192,210)}Avada seems like a great subject. Hi, the Avada topic contains FontAwesome 4.3. At the moment we only offer single user -defined symbol functionality, but multi user symbol functionality is still a WIP we want to release in one of our upcoming updates. NEUE BUYERS EXPENDITURE: I bought back the Avada with my paidpal balance, but I can see my new Avada themes and my new license key on my Downloads page.

Can you please indicate the latest release number on the infos page somehow? Can I move the breadcrumb over the page name? Hi, The barcode for the page header is now in Avada/framework/custom_functions.php.

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