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I'm trying to edit the category pages for the blog section of my website. Bottom text field of the category page Hello, Is there a way (category style layout) to include a text at the bottom of each category page's posting history? Thanks so much for voting...

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WordPress contains taxionomies and concepts. Category, for example, is a taxionomy, and let's say portfolio is a concept that belongs to the taxion "category". The effect of the current posting is that you take all the words of the taxionomy "faq_category_1" and put all these words in the top left corner of the screen.

Then, it makes another request to get all contributions of the mail types "avada_faq_1" and uses Java Script to sort them by notion. You can change this question if you only want to view the queries for a particular term:

Keep in mind that after changing the request, Java Script filtration would be quite useless, so you should delete the terminology above.

Avada debate | Responsive multi-purpose topic (page 529)

Hey! 2. use the 100% page style and then your contents within the full width shortcut that contains it up to a page width of 840px. Shade is for the slide controls (speed or layer) that you can modify in the slide controls preferences for each one. There are currently no options to adjust the page width, but the good news is that in our next version, v3.6, you will have full page width up to 100% controll.

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