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On their Vimeo page, this preaching videotape is from Traders Point Church. From Traders Point Church, this preaching videotape was published on their Vimeo page. From Traders Point Church, this preaching videotape was published on their Vimeo page. From Traders Point Church, this preaching videotape was published on their Vimeo page.

Google Maps cannot be loaded correctly on this page. Pray and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; and knock and the gate will be opened for you.

Commissions - Avada Church

Hugenot Committee plays an integrated part in the Church's existence and provides an outstanding occasion for those who wish to become engaged in the Hugenot communion. Please consult the municipal authorities for further information or to find out how you can get engaged in one of these comittees. Aim: To supervise and care for periodic and specialized divine ministries that will inspire and guide the God's nation in joyous, dedicated responses to God's loving nature in Jesus Christ through writing, presentation, musical, praying, sharing, and administering the sacraments.

Aim: to form, motivate and challange the church to use all its God-given ressources (time, talents, funds, etc.) efficiently and correctly to build the church as the body of Christ as a manifestation of the kingdom of God on the earth; to carry out an yearly promise drive under the guidance of the meeting.

Aim: To design and monitor the entire Church education programme, from daycare to adults, from daycare to daycare, and include programmes for juvenile service and confirmation and commissioning classes. The Bible is acknowledged to be the Church's fundamental schoolbook, the fundamental learning resource for its education programme. This meeting is in charge of making available room and facilities.

Confirms the selection and nomination of all those to be involved in the education programme as childcare teacher and volunteer. This meeting also approved the syllabus and education programmes proposed by the Christian Education Board. Aim: To promote a powerful, lively and expanding hugenot fellowship. Sensitizing to Huguenots: Through advertising, as well as via online advertising, online advertising, online advertising and other means of communication, this panel wants to tell the history of Huguenots and attract new visitors/members.

Reinforcing the Huguenot fellowship: The purpose of this commitee is to motivate Huguenot members through a wide range of communication and communion initiatives. This includes support for Huguenot's weekly e-mail newsletters, website updates, and the use of other on-line and off-line cars to help members explore and take part in Huguenot's countless programmes and endeavours.

Community effort includes both community-wide activities (the local skiing tour, the Fr├╝hlingspicknick, the Huguenot mix, etc.) and support for smaller group meetings (the early childhood groups' parents, etc.). Aim: As a constitutional community body, its aim is to help the community select and appoint individuals for the office of Elder and Deacon for voting by the community.

The Huguenot Kindergarten is a privately owned, non-profit kindergarten established by the Huguenot Memorial Church to offer a top-notch kindergarten programme for Pelham and the local community. The members of the memorial church Hugenotten and brothers and sisters of infants with previous presence are preferred at the admission. It is run by a board of directors, which is a committee of the meeting of the Huguenot Memorial Church.

Find out more about the Hugenottenkindergarten.

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