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What's new in 5.6 - Avada High-performance new functions, tools & demonstrations! There has never been such a wealth of creative growing functions, unbelievably intuitively designed tool sets and phenomenon demonstrations. AVAVAADA 5. 6 is a free upgrade for anyone who already has an Avada license, and if you are about to complete your Avada buy, expect all the functionality listed below (including all functionality, demonstrations, and elements from previous versions).

What can we do to make an already almost flawless Page builder better? With Avada 5.6 and the new Fusion Builders releases, there are a host of groundbreaking new additions, enhancements and a host of new capabilities. Take advantage of it all in every conceivable way with our comprehensive customisation possibilities. Every application you use saves you a lot of right-clicking on the menu and has implied functions that have no other interactions on your site, so we've made them available to you in Fusion Builder (free with every Avada purchase!).

Now you can use the strength of your right click and have full command over the processing of your page container, column and element without following the cursor or looking for the required feature. The Fusion Builder Element Library is already a show stopper, so we've turned it into a revolution by introducing a completely new dashboard to give you more complete controls over your stored items.

Thanks to the Fusion Builders Element library dashboard, you can now manipulate a stored element outside of the pages you create, which helps you look and act organized, saving you a lot of work. Spontaneously re-name your stored items without removing them and saving them again in the Page builder.

Did you decide to make a modification to your stored tag and don't want to store it under a different name because it doesn't match your renaming conventions, or do you just want to get messed up? Designed specifically for you, the new dashboard also includes asset badges that show you at a single look what your stored asset is: a column, a container, an asset or a style sheet.

Our goal is to give you more power, more versatility and a higher level of creative power with each and every fix and function we publish. This particular additional function is no different. Our goal is to give you more power, more versatility, and more creative power with each and every fix and function we publish. This particular additional function is no different.

We' ve added 4 all-new, nicely styled, fully featured Avada 5.6 pro demonstrations so you can create the website you want quickly and simply. Avada customers get all of our demo versions for free. Attractively styled with a crisp, tidy appearance, Avada Movers is ideal for any removal, transport or warehousing use.

Exceptional Avada Sports is styled with a contemporary touch, bright, luminous colour and an invigorating aura. Sensual relaxed hues, stunning typeface and fanciful page layouts make Avada Spas ideal for your spas website. Avada offers a range of colour schemes, advanced typefaces and an innovative look, making Avada your ideal choice for any office.

Updating Avada to version 5.5. Q2 featured some astonishing, unmatched, market-leading GDPR and data protection capabilities that put us at the forefront of our peers. What makes you think Avada 5.6 would be different? As always, we've worked unbelievably hard to provide you with even more data protection capabilities that are tightly integrated with the Avada Theme Options Network to give you more performance, agility and visibility into your users' private lives.

So when we said we took privacy seriously, we didn't joke. Many privacy banner plugins exist for WordPress, but never a single built-in one. Incorporating this approach, Avada has incorporated the functionality into our themed options network to give you maximum freedom and visibility over your privacy banner.

Fully customise its look, feel, add embedding permissions, track and trace code and user-defined cookies and more. They can even specify a cookie timeout on the data protection flag. In addition, the Theme Options Network of Avada 5.6 gives you the freedom to choose how much power your people have.

The spectrum ranges from the fundamental controls over detailed approvals up to the administration of the approvals for your user. Well, in our Theme Options Network we allow our customers to include track and trace code for an extra level of approval. We' ve added another level of privacy compliancy to what we have done, which is traced with these code's and given an extra contents space that allows the user to give explicit approval to these following tool.

When your website uses Google Analytics, it will notify your visitors, and if they agree, if not, it will blog the site until your visitors agree, or for an indefinite period of time. You can be sure that you, your website and your visitors are in good hands with Avada. Wherever we can, with every individual upgrade we publish, we try to take into account unique needs of our customers.

Considering the amount of work that goes into every minute or giant fix, this can sometimes be a challenging task, but we try to give you what you want, when you need it. Avada 5.6 includes two brand-new functions to meet your special needs. Since some time we have got inquiries to make the title tags arbitrary in the contents dialog area.

Avada 5.6 makes it easy to do this, making your website contents even more readily available to searching machines. Since some time we have got inquiries to make the title tags arbitrary in the contents dialog area. Avada 5.6 makes it easy to do this, making your website contents even more readily available to searching machines.

In addition to the careful and obsessive work of providing you with the best and most functionally time-saving functions, we realize that there is a monetary impact in every facet of the job that encourages us not only to think outside the box, but also to give you the assurance that Avada can greatly reduce your overall outlay.

Notice: This has a minor drawback as it will reduce the number of choices for designing and customizing, but we know that you will appreciate the cost reductions in your purse as well as the forwardthinking we' ve adopted to offer you a high-performance cost-saving function. Now Avada can dynamically download request RSS data as an asynchronous file.

No longer page-driven, it' re content-driven, which creates less static custom pages in your submission file and improves loadability. Below are some more great Avada add-ons we offer in Avada 5.6. Just a brief reminder that Avada upgrades are free for anyone who makes a one-time buy.

Avada 5. 6 is fully WooCommerce 3.4-compliant. AVAADA 5.6 has been certified for WCAG 2.1 compliance, and we are proud that our subject matter meets the latest web and barrier-free industry norms. Now you can view the drop-down list in submenus in Avada.

There are now a number of controls to adjust the look and feel of submenu and megamenu upper limits. Added new footer widget settings such as separators and padding. You can now set the distance between columns, the contents fill, the length of the separations and more with the event element. Added new cushioning option for WooCommerce contents box.

Added a new item that allows you to specify the fontsize for the toggle item titles. Plus, the colour choices for iceboxes and hover-accents have been added on an item basis. We' ve added the Frame Scale, Frame type, and Frame colour controls to the Gallery item in the Fusion Builder.

This is the complete listing of all the work that has been done between Avada 5.5. Two and Avada 5.6. Designing, building, testing and implementing our new functions, enhancements and fixed things competently and carefully for all our current clients free of charge, proves why our 435,000+ users continue to expand quickly.

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