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avada offers advanced header options like no other theme. Vertical and horizontal Avada menu widgets Avada: The Horizontal Menu Widget: Horizontal Menu: This section provides details about using the Vertical Menu widget and setting up page navigation: This section provides details about setting up page navigation using the Page Navigator Template.

It allows you to create a regular menu by positioning it anywhere on the page using the Avada: Horizonal Menu Widgets. 1 - Go to the Look > Widgets section and drop the Avada section: The ' Menu Horizontal' button displays a widget area. 2 - Choose the desired menu.

Every normally generated WordPress menu is called. A menu can be generated in your Aussehen > Menüs section. 3 - Adjust the other style to orientation, cushioning, color, and more. Stage 4 - Don't forgot to click on the Save icon. Avada: The Vertical Menu widget, you can make a page navigator in two ways: with a Custom Menu Typ or a Vertical Menu Typ.

1 - Go to the Look > Widgets section and drop the Avada section: The ' Vertical Menu' Widgets view of a wide area. 2 - Specify a track for your widget/pageavigation. If you do not want to see a caption for it, you can skip the Caption box. 3 - Select a menu type.

User-defined menu and vertical menu. 4 - Specify the other style for behavior, layouts, fontsize, and frame colors. 5 - Don't forgot to click the Save icon. Custom menu allows you to easily select an existing WordPress menu. A menu can be generated in your Aussehen > Menüs section.

Choosing Custom Menu from the Menu Type drop-down list makes it easy to pick a menu from the Menu Selection drop-down list. Vertical Menu Vertical Menu option involves selecting a higher-level page and works just like the old page navigation style sheet. Selecting Vertical Menu from the Menu Type drop-down list just selects a higher-level page from the Higher-level Page drop-down list.

You will see only the pages above it in this listing. When you have a number of pages on your site, you can specify one as the parental page, and configure the other pages to use that parental page. This is exactly the same as the side map settings. For more information about how to create the higher-level and lower-level pages, see the Page Navigator Template section.

Included with Avada is a page navigation style sheet that allows you to add large volumes of contents to a unique page. It is also possible to create second layer menu options on the Page Navigation page that fold and extend by default when the mouse hovers over or clicks on the top layer, according to how you configured them in the Fusion Theme Options.

Creates page navigator pages in kits. Every kit must always have a parents page displayed at the top. Then, add more pages and associate them with the top page. Each page associated with the higher-level page forms a page navigator. PLEASE NOTE: The page style "Page Navigation" will be obsolete in a forthcoming Avada release.

We' ve substituted them for a better one, the Avada: Upright menu widget. With this new broadget, you get the same functionality, but with greater versatility. This works with the WP menu system. Use this new technique instead of the page style that may be deleted. 1 - Navigate to the pages and click New.

2 - Enter a new name for your page, and then find the Page Attributes field on the right. 3 - Choose Page Navigator from the Page Templates drop-down menu and click Submit. 4 - To include more pages in the page navigator kit, make another new page and choose your new page as the parent page and change the setting of the page navigator to Page Navigator.

5 - Select whether you want the page navigator to be configured on the right or right side by choosing either Right or Right in the Fusion Page Options dialog in the Sidebar Position drop-down list boxes. Stage 6 - The menu order is alphabetical, so you can modify it by entering a new order for each page in the Order panel.

Stage 7 - Once you're done, make sure you post each of the pages.

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