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No active Avada Coupons or Avada discounts are currently available. "Today Avada has a 35% discount! Buy an Avada license for only $39! Make use of this service https://t.co/Yt0jGNKcAA.

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avada -Only One More Woocommerce Ultimate Discount Sites Website

It is fully compliant with WooCommerce Store and should work without problems with free and high quality WooCommerce topics. Activating the plugin affects the look of some items on your store page, your item detail and your shopping basket page. There are two labels for items with rebates: the old one (price before rebate) is deleted, the new one (rebate included) is shown next to it.

During the purchase the client will see in the product detail and in the basket the name of all the discounts requested for him. Additionally, you can set up a customized email that will be shown on the store page with information about the amount that must be spent to enable the next discount. The Ultimate discounts also support the "Recommend a friend" feature to encourage new folks to join your store.

The Utimate Discount plug-in offers 3 kinds of discount and 7 optional features that the client must meet to enable the promotion: Reference amount discount - as soon as the requirement is fulfilled, a set amount of cash specified in the plug-in preferences is subtracted from the order value. Percent discount - as soon as the requirement is fulfilled, the order is decreased in percent.

When you create each discount claim, you can use one or more of the following criteria: Put it all together - always use the discount. Shopping Basket Hubs - use the discount only if the Shopping Basket Hubs are greater than the amount specified. Item in map - the discount is only granted if a certain item, a item from a certain categorie or a certain number of items is added to the shopping basket.

They can also specify products that have a lower retail value if the consumer buys more of them. Specified Date - the discount is granted in a specified timeframe. Total Spent discount for repeat clients, calculated on the basis of the client's purchase process. First buy discount for the first order in your store, depending on the customer's purchase process.

Username Roles - discount for people with a certain roles specified in the administration. Recompense your clients for recommending your store to their mates. If a new member is enrolled with a special referral email, the referrer will receive a voucher number. When you create each discount claim, you can use one or more of the following criteria:

Roles Name - allows you to modify the name of the users roles that will be shown for pricing depending on the users roles. Display used discount name on the store page - allows you to enable/disable discount information on the store homepage. View used discount name on the products page - allows you to enable/disable discount information on a unique products page.

Discount notification used - the discount is used in a specified timeframe. View more spending on the shopping basket page - activate/deactivate or modify a customized item that appears on a shopping basket page with information about how much more you need to pay to get the discount. Discount heading on the products page - allows you to change the heading text.

RebateOverlayColor - allows you to change the back drop colour of the prize. Primitive superimposed pricing colour - allows you to change the colour of the pricing text.

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