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Elements of Avada

Elementgenerator - Avada Merge Builders has an element generator that can be used in the standard WordPress editor! Using our simple draft and dropdown user interfaces, you can quickly create nice, professionally designed pages with Merge Builders. Furthermore, the Merger Builder has our Merger Element Generator directly installed into it. In this way, you can simply create Merge Builder elements into text boxes or contents areas while still displaying the Merge builder user surface.

If, for example, you want to add a text pad, you will see our Fusion symbol in the symbol bar, click on it to enable the Fusion short code generator, and you will have full control over all our Fusion Builder elements.

Arktic Bundle - Fusion Builder Elements & Addons for Avada and Avada of ArcticLune from ArcticLune

Wordpress 4.9 & Avada v5.3 compatibility! Get instant acces to a burgeoning array of ArcticLune elements that you can use on your Fusion Builder pages, plus before/after, reviews & testimonials, notification & pop-up, more to follow soon. Next update and new elements are part of the package! Like Avada v5, you must have PHP v5.3+ for this plug-in to work properly.

Enhance your Avada sites with this valuable collection of uniquely inspirational elements. Buy the Fusion Builder/Avada Bundle from ArcticLune today! Further information about the changes to the individual elements can be found in the enclosed document or in the change log, which is available on the WordPress plug-in page. - It is recognized and enables automated updating if Avada is enrolled and bought for the same Envato accounts; if it is bought for another accounts, there is an optional addition of an additional interface that allows you to continue to take advantage of this functionality.

Avada 5.1 releases upgrades, enhancements and corrections for all elements.

Arktic Bundle - Collection of Fusion Builder Elements & Addons for Avada

Arctic bundle, a suite of Fusion Builder Elements & Add-ons for Avada, is designed to enhance your website with the best-selling #1 WordPress Topic. All of our current elements and add-ons are included in this expanding package: Before/after image comparison, reviews & field reports, notifications & pop-ups, horizontal & vertical duo button, multifunction QR code generator, multiform glass magnifier & image magnification, and every futuristic development!

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