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Other products like this one: avada - footer - logo. Add footer widgets Most of the Avada footer is a widget cut that can show a widget in 1-6 column. Widget adds various contents or functions to your website. On the Appearance > Appearance > Appearance page in your WordPress administration area, you can create, remove, and rearrange them. First, make sure you have footer Widgets activated on your website.

Browse to the Look > Topic Options > Footer area and set the'Footer widgets' checkbox to On. Select how many footnotes ( 1-6) you want to show using the'Number of footnotes' options. After you have activated the footer Widgets, go to the Appearance > Didgets menu to open the Didgets and Footer section.

Stage 3 - On the right, you will see a "Footer Line Widget X" section where you can adjust the number of footer gaps (1-6) that have been chosen in the Fusion Theme Options. Stage 4 - On the leftside are your Widget, just pull the desired Widget from the leftside into the section "Footer Widget" on the right side.

Special effects footer

PLEASE NOTE: This function is only available in Avada 3.8 or higher. The Avada contains a footer that you can adjust in various ways. Avada's footer allows you to add various widgets, soft symbols, copyrighted text and more. Read on to find out more about the footer's special effects settings and how they are described.

No - Use this setting to deactivate specific effect. Footswitch Parametric Effect - This allows you to activate or deactivate a permanent footer with a Parametric Scroll effect. Parametric Wallpaper - Use this setting to activate or deactivate a Parametric wallpaper effect on the wallpaper chosen in the Wallpaper for footer widget area box.

Adhesive footer - With this setting you can activate or deactivate a footer. Glue Foot and Parametric Wallpaper - This allows you to activate or deactivate a glutinous footer with a Parametric Wallpaper effect on the wallpaper. Select this check box to activate the footer parallel axis effect.

Applies a parallel lax roll effect to the footer. The footer is concealed behind the page contents when you move down, and is displayed when you move to the bottom of the page. Select this checkbox to activate the effect Background Picture Pallax. Applies the para-lax effect to the picture chosen in the Footer Widget Area Background Picture pane of the Avada > Topic Options > Footer > Footer > Footer Background Picture submenu.

Select this check to activate the Glue Foot effect. As a result, the footer can always remain at the bottom of the screen, even on pages with little contents. Select this checkbox to activate a Parallax background image and Glue Foot effect combo.

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