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Born in Buddhism: Fetal pain and female freedom - Amy Paris Langenberg

In recent years there has been a meltdown in the Buddha tradition, a trans-national movement for better possibilities for Buddha woman. Indeed, many ordinated Buddist mothers say that they aspire to a higher ordaination so that they can be better Buddist practicing, not for the purpose of sex equalization. Following the rear projections of mundane, libertarian femalist classifications, this volume presents the main characteristics of the feminine body's Buddha tradition, which is more or less shared across sects and is still relevant for ordinated Buddha-girls.

In terms of content, the main emphasis of the survey is an early century Sanskrit Buddhism work, "Descent into Womb Writing" or Garbh?vakr?nti-s?tra. Based on the implication of this text, the writer provides groundbreaking evidence on the meaning of birthright and fecundity in Buddhism, namely that birthright is a magisterial trait in Indian Buddhism; that Buddhaist sex constructs are central to the Buddhaist birthright narrative; and that the Buddhaist construct of an unseen, chronic, unclean, and gross feminity, by subverting the sacred meaning of woman fecundity, formed a gateway to a new, freed, womanly existence for Buddhaist monk females.

Thus this survey of the buddhistic natal philosophy is also a geneticalogy of sex in medium-term Indian Buddhism. Featuring a new discerning view of sex, body and ailment, this publication is of interest to an inter-disciplinary public, which includes scholars on Buddhism, Southern Asia in general, sex and religious studies, theories and methods of religious education, and teaching and learning of religious studies and medical Buddhism.

Digitally teaching in higher education: Design by E-Learning for International... - Tom Worthington

The higher educational system is a truly multinational enterprise that is pushing forward a new technical and manufacturing transformation. It is important to recall, however, that training is still about educating educators to help pupils in their learning. It is a compilation of brief articles that explore how one can use today's technologies to offer a way of learning that achieves socioeconomic objectives, uses technologies, and at the same time has a place for academics as such.

Describes a vision for the higher education sector, encompassing classroom instruction, scheduling and leadership, providing food for global student populations, using open education resources, and mobile education. It offers case study designs for e-learning course delivery in ICT sustainability and in innovation, as well as pedagogical theoretical and comprehensive reference.

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