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Aveda Fusion Builder

Merger Builder - Avada Easily draw and dropping your pages to make them look great. The Fusion Builder is the simplest way to make professional pages! For more than 6 years Avada has been the number one sales area. Throughout this period, our over 435,000 users have ordered several articles for our Fusion Builder pull & drop. Please see the articles below.

In order to turn Fusion Builder into the Page Builder that everyone wants, and the coding foundation that our staff wants, we needed to start from scratch, and we couldn't be more upset if we saw how it worked.

We' ve got a all-new Fusion Builder that is intuitively designed, performance-enhancing, simple to use, and full of useful functions that help you spend valuable less valuable hours and easier to use. The Fusion Builder is an important part of the Avada eco-system, because it allows fast and simple website building and customization.

At some point, the new Fusion Builder will be available on the web for any topic and will add even more to the chart that will alter your view of what a Page Builder can do. Highest level dragging & dropping page builder. Simply and precisely pull page contents to your exact locations with drag-and-drop ease, at unbelievable speeds and power, making the page creation proces simpler and quicker.

Most intuitive UI available in any Page Builder. The Fusion Builder has a completely new GUI where every item has been tested for usability and instinct. Here are a few screen shots that show parts of the UI when creating pages, the amazing Libraries function that lets you store all your customized contents, Historical status that lets you jump back in your track, Quickly select your columnsize, and much more.

Adding these time-saving capabilities is just the beginning of a series of new enhancements that will be released in the near term to further enhance the capabilities of Fusion Builder. Merge Builder with an unbelievable right click menu. Every application you use saves you a lot of right-clicking on the menu and has implied functions that have no other interactions on your site, so we've made them available to you in Fusion Builder (free with every Avada purchase!).

Now you can use the strength of your right click and have full command over the processing of your page container, column and element without following the cursor or looking for the required functionality. We introduce you to the Fusion Builder Library, which is at your disposal. Fusion Builder is a stunning new addition that does so many things.

Put in simple terms, it is the primary area for ready-made contents, all stored user-defined contents as well as other goods and quickly becomes your best mate. Our library is a contact point for all your contents and is always available. Saves all your user-defined stored contents such as container, column, elements and even entire pages so you can easily navigate anywhere on the page.

You can even use it to easily customize each Avada demonstration page from our library of demonstrations. Use the Dashboard to manage your complete Fusion Builder Library. Thanks to the Fusion Builder Element Library Dashboard, you can now manipulate a stored element outside of the pages you create, which helps you look and act organized, saving you a lot of work.

Easily manipulate all your stored items in the library dashboard, spontaneously change the names of your stored items without having to delete them and resave them in the Page Builder, easy to use assets badges make it simple to see whether the items are containers, columns, items or templates. It' an astonishing way to handle all your Fusion Builder contents, which saves you a great deal of your work.

Merger Builder Globe Safe System. The new Fusion Builder Salvage System allows you to store an element worldwide in the Merge Builder lib. Wherever you use this element, it can be changed wherever you have it, and your changes will spread throughout the site no matter where you use it. Graphical supplements to the UI allow you to simply pinpoint your own elements.

It is a very useful and time-saving function for all contents you re-use, such as a call to action area. Select the memory symbol of your element, give it a name and select the "Save As Global" option. Add your globals element to any page or posting and store the page.

Add your globals element to any page or posting and store the page. Change the location of the globale element and store the page. Globally, the element is updated everywhere by default. Undo globals. Don't you need your object to be a truly globular one anymore? Just click on the globale symbol in your Page Builder.

That' s something we knew had to be right, because if not, you're wasting your precious moment creating the site. With the new user surface we've developed, you can easily paste anything you want, anywhere on the site. There' always an empty item field that can be added to a row, or a pushbutton to create a full pedestal with row combinations or just additional rows, no matter where you are on the page.

Do you need a page from another Avada demonstration? Fusion Builder Libraries allow you to select any Avada demonstration and all its pages. Every individual page you import contains the page layouts, the fusion page choices, the page style, and picture wildcards. The ability to create pages more quickly and efficiently was one of the key features of the new Fusion Builder.

Fold each individual pedestal with one click to store the display area, or fold all pedestals at once in the area of the master panel. Items such as tab pages, contents box, toggle switches, and more that allow you to create more than one item can now be rearranged simply by dragging and dropping.

New Fusion Builder user-interface captures the root name of the parent item you inserted and shows it for simple recognition. Every Containers, Columns and Items pane has a top right finder to make it simple to find what you need with just a word. Here are interleaved rows together with an intuitive management tool.

Sharing your own contents. With Fusion Builder, you can store any kind of customized asset from full page layout to container to columns and items, and you can re-use it anytime. Better still, our import/export function makes it easy for you to upload and upload your own customized contents and upload them to your website for sharing with your customers, your creativity or your personal installation.

Avada's stunning array of Avada choices allows you to specify global or custom overdrive per page and contribution. It' an unbelievable setting that allows you to create and customise the website according to your wishes. Now, in 5.0, we have implemented a new methodology that shows you what is global when you use the Fusion Builder or Fusion Page option.

Also, the overall value is displayed in the options descriptor and points directly to the overall topic item. You can use Fusion Builder for all types of mail you register. Every mail item you register is displayed in the Fusion Builder preferences pane, so you can activate or deactivate the Fusion Builder for each item.

User-defined per page style sheet. That' right, you can now specify user-defined style sheets per page that only affect the one page. Just click on the style sheet symbol to see a pop-up area where you can add your own style. Turns the Fusion Builder items on / off. There are many items in Avada that you can use to create your website.

We' ve put together a range of choices that allow you to turn each of the predefined items on or off. The Fusion Builder is designed from the bottom up to ensure power, usability, extensibility, scalability, module building and further evolution. The power alone can be up to 10x quicker than our prior builder and uses less resource with a cleaner, easy to maintain code base.

Fusebuilder's prospects are promising. Builders are already making add-ons to improve and implement more functionality, and our own development staff will implement some of them. Lots of options and the most thrilling part is yet to come... both designs and codes are already being built to provide the best front-end editorial experiences the industry has ever seen in a Page Builder.

The complete feature set of Fusion Builder. Some of the most important milestones are above, but that's not all, Fusion Builder contains more. Import/export your customized contents to be shared with others. Entirely new graphical environment that is easy to use and use. All elements were checked for consistence and changed. Compact design provides room for the essentials.

Libraries that are organised, easy to use and always one click away. Store everything in your personal style in your libary and use it again at any time. Imports any page from an Avada demo (theme choices are not imported). Extensibility allows designers to extend and further develop Fusion Builder. Added new interleaved column feature with superior user experience.

Every mail client can use the Fusion Builder. Use the best and easiest way to build your own layout with the best and easiest way to do it. Activate or Deactivate and Fusion Builder item in the Preferences pane. To simplify the designing proces, simply assign user-defined container name. Textured contents allow Fusion Builder to finally work with any topic.

Added a new optional correlator system to quickly view and view the settings of your overall scene settings. The full -page storage includes layouts, user-defined pages, fusion page choices, and page templates. You can load a whole page intuitively. You can organize subordinate element types (e.g. tabs) by simply dragging and dropping them. Substitute all contents, add contents above or below the actual contents.

Adds user-defined style sheets to any page that only affects that particular page. The Avada upgrade procedure will convert old Fusion Builder pages to the new Fusion Builder file formats. Element with subordinated element (e.g. tabs) take over automatic the inserted titles for simple identifying. Connect with more than 435,000 satisfied Avada users who use these high-performance features to create beautiful websites!

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