Avada Fusion Builder Elements

Fusion Builder Elements

Developed and supported by Avada, the Fusion Slider provides basic functionality. Create post content with Fusion Builder elements The new Fusion Builder discussed below is only available in Avada Version 5. To find out more about the old Fusion Builder, click here. The Fusion Builder allows you to create any type of box or item, no matter where you are in the Fusion Builder. A large amount of contents is no longer a problem, and you don't have to go all the way up to include boxes, rows, or elements.

Please read below to find out how you can leverage the new Fusion Builder's effectiveness. Adding elements to the page is simpler than ever, no content difference. If you move the mouse over each container, you will find the button '+ Container' and '+ Columns'. If you click on'+ Container', a new section will be added directly below the currently active one, and if you click on'+ Columns', a new section within the section you are currently in will be added.

Stage 1 - When you create a new page, you will see a "+ Container" icon that allows you to create a new container with column on the page. Stage 2 - When you edit an already edited page, move the mouse pointer over the lower part of the cursor and a'+ Container' icon will appear.

Press the "+ Container" pushbutton to create a new container with rows on the page. Stage 1 - When you create a new page, paste a container first, the'Insert Container' dialog will appear. Choose the desired container table or the individual table that you want to create.

Stage 2 - If you want to create more rows in a pedestal, move the mouse over the bottom of the pedestal and the'+ Pedestal' icon will be followed by a '+ Columns' icon. To open the Insert column dialog box, click the + Spalten pushbutton to choose a layout or a specific single row to be added to the containers.

Stage 1 - After you have added a row, click the "+ Element" icon within a row and the "Select Element" dialog appears. Stage 2 - In the Select Item dialog, you will find a listing of the items you can use. Also, you can use the Find toolbar in the upper-right part of the screen to find the item you want to use.

Stage 3 - When you click on an item, you are taken directly to the item option pane. Stage 4 - Once you have completed adjusting the item, click the Store icon to add it to the page, or click Abort to abort the addition of the item and revert to the Fusion Builder editors.

This can be done by pressing the Compress/Extend button located on all Fusion Builder Container and Symbol Bar. If you click the Compress/Expand button on the Fusion Builder taskbar, all your available parts will be compressed/Expanded, while a click on any part will only compres/Expand that particular part. New Fusion Builder has a gooey taskbar that follows you as you browse through the editors.

As a result, you have fast and easy control over all your library utilities and symbols, such as the Library tabs, the Custom CSS box, and your progress state. Optionally, you can quickly store the page layouts you currently have as a preset or completely remove them from the Fusion Builder icon bar.

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