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NVADA Fusion Page Creation

Aimed at the Avada developer community and web designers using Avada. Aimed at the Avada developer community and web designers using Avada. From the How to translate post and pages section, choose Use the translator and click OK. In order to compile the page we have translated, click on the "plus" symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Sprachmeta dialog window.

As a result, you reach the Translations Editor page, where you can have your page converted. Enter your text to be replaced and select Completed text for each box, then click the Save & Close icon. If we look at the page in text edit modus, we can now see the text string that has been converted and that has been covered with the Page Builder shortcuts.

There may be several things you need to refresh the Page Builder shortcuts in the voice setup file: add a new shortcut to the Page Builder; remove an outdated one. We host the Avada voice config on our server. Suitability is provided for overwriting the Avada home directory config files and making sure that they are always up to date.

In our extensive tutorial you will find out more about the setup and terminology of the voice config files. Tags define the name of the shortcut, which in this case is the fusion_flip_box. In the case of shortcuts that contain linking tags, you can have your own tags point directly to the translation of this article by using the typ flag for the tags.

Perform these procedures to test the upgraded voice definition file: Enable the String Translation, Translation Management and Media Translation add-ons. Replace the distant langauge config files with the upgraded ones. Then copy the contents of your upgraded voice config files to the Notepad and click Saving. Make a new page and insert the new modules.

If you have upgraded some features for your current system, please update the page as well. This example assumes that the Button Engine has been added to the Fusion Builder. Just put it on the page and publish it. Please click on the plus symbol to start translating the page. The Translation Editor is displayed.

Make sure that the text items of the modules are shown on the translator's monitor. Please fill in your text. Choose Translate is completed for each box and then click the Save & Close icon. On the frontend, verify the page that has been compiled. This page displays all your translations, which means that the upgraded voice config is working correctly.

You will be pleased to examine problems related to the voice config files.

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