Avada Fusion Slider Tutorial

Slider Tutorial for Avada Fusion

The slider of Hi My Avada Fusion does not work in other languages (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian) than the default (English). Full Width Fusion Sledge - Avada A fully reactive slider that makes your contents look great across all display screens. Regardless of your monitor display height or your equipment height, this slider will look amazing. That' s no big deal, use the slider to select the effect of your choice. Partallax scroll effect gives your slider the power it needs to excel.

The Fusion Slider gives you full power over the slider dimensions, take full power.

Whether it' s width and width, hight, full width or full frame, Fusion Slider has it all. Each slider creates a custom short code that allows you to place it anywhere on the page or in the posting. What makes you think you can go with Avada?

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The Avada Fusion slider is NOT compliant in other tongues.

The Avada Fusion slider does not work in other language (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) than the standard (English). I' m using the Avada themes 5.1.6. Verify that Fusion Sliders is in the Translate position. Then, in the User-defined field section, verify that "pyre_wooslider" is also selected as "Translate".

You can only select "Copy once" in the Custom Field Translation section. Open it and look for the line "pyre_wooslider" and change it to compile. Once the filename is in your parent's Topic folders, move it to the child's Topic folders. Sincerely, hello - my fusion slider is still not compliant in any language other than the preset.

You' ll find the necessary boxes below the comments area when you sign in to submit your next answer. - Do not see the wp-admin/FTP boxes, this means that your mail and website credentials will be made known. DON'T publish your website detail unless you see the necessary wp-admin/FTP boxes.

Could you please run her down? Thank you for your help and please review it! And in the User-defined Field section of the FileMaker Server Configuration Guide, insert the following user-defined field(s) into the file: Disable and enable the topic again (please make a back-up first) and see if you can compile the film now. I can now compile any language-specific foil, that's great.

I then tried to get the slider (one for each language) loaded with the corresponding language-specific slide. Then I switched the slider to a slider for all languages, which is assigned to each language-specific slider. Sincerely, Hello Thomas, can you please make sure that the problem continues with a new slider andlides?

This works in English, but in other tongues it says: "INCORRECT SLIDER NAME". MAKE SURE TO USE A VALID SLIDER SLUG. "The name of the slider is the same in all language versions. Hello Otto, In addition to my last news I would like to say that I have noted that the fusion knob in the fusion slider does not receive a gear ratio.

I saw about the issue with the foil that you use the native Slovug programming idiom in your translator's work, so this issue happens. Then copy the localized slot and use it on the page Translator Editor. In order to compile the button, you must perform the following steps: - To search for "pyre_button_1" and "pyre_button_2" - Go to slideshow translator and the two badges must be available for translating.

After you have taken these actions, please let me know if the issue still exists.

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