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Picture carousels - Avada Picture carousels are ideal for presenting a series of pictures, your parts of the product range, customer logotypes and much more. Below you can see parts of why this item is so adaptable and simple to adapt to your needs. Bildkarusselelement gives you full weight and distance controls, which is so important for imaginative work.

Adjust the precise columnsize from 1-6 together with the distance between columns to the precise pixelsize, giving you great creativity. Both of the following samples show you how columns can vary in sizes and distances. Image Carousel allows you to show or hide arrowsavigation. There' also a planetary design options to adjust the navigational field and arrows sizes for more imaginative layout, and you can select whether the cursor is allowed to scroll elements.

Every instantiation of the Carousel item can show or show the navigational elements. Every instantiation of the Carousel item can show or show the navigational elements. You can also use the cursor navigator instead of the conventional key navigator. Pictures you view have the choice of being trimmed to show the same width and elevation (fixed) or displaying the initial aspect ration (automatic).

At the bottom are two exactly the same picture merry-go-round parts, but the first is automatic, the second is locked. It is possible to adjust the picture merry-go-round so that it plays back when the page is loaded, so that your visitors can see all pictures in the picture combo. This allows you to adjust your pictures to be scrolled from one to six simultaneously.

Automatic playback has been turned on along with an picture that runs through every movement of the roundabout. Automatic playback was turned on along with three pictures running through each movement of the roundabout. Select this option to display frames around your pictures. Every picture merry-go-round element allows the picture sets to have a override effect and a user-defined hyperlink.

Every picture can have its own individual hyperlink along with a hyperlink destination and a picture aging text. Access and load as many pictures as you want, and the Gallery element of Fusion Builder and Avada does the work. With our portable viewing system, you have full command of which ads are available on 3 different display heights.

Each Fusion Builder item has these preferences and allows you to show or hide items at different display heights. So you have the maximal amount of power to determine the precise point at which you want an item to show or fade. All options and descriptions contained in the speed dial of the picture merry-go-round are shown below.

Resets the picture resize to fix or not. hover_type - Can be one of these values: none, zipomin, zipout, or elevator. Specifies the maximal number of column to be displayed. column_spacing - Accepts a numeric value to specify the distance between each column in pixel. Mouse_scroll - Can be one of these values: yes or no.

As a result, the cursor controls are activated or deactivated. Light box - Can be one of these values: yes or no. Displays the picture in a light box or not. Target - The target location of the picture. Target - The target location of the picture. When the light box parameters are yes, the full picture URL must be added to show it in a light box. Linksarget - Can be one of these values:

The URL pathname of your customized symbol picture, beginning with http:// and usually ending with . jpg, . gpg or .gif. Lets you associate them with shortcuts to specify the font sizes. old - The user-defined alternate text that is shown when an picture cannot be shown. item visibilities - Select whether to show or hide the item on small, middle, or large monitors.

Point them at all or just a few, giving you full command of all display resolutions. Every display has also a user-defined width adjustment in the Fusion Theme Options. o Dokumentation Section. o Dokumentation Section. o Documentation Section. o Dokumentation Section.

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