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screen shots in order to connect them to other sites, but couldn't, this plug-in is for you! extra features (see "usage" below) will be deleted to make them work as normal hyperlinks. You can specify a customized Gallery Linkage URL for each gallery picture. You can use "[none]" as the Gallery Linkage url to delete the gallery picture linkage.

You can choose a Gallery Target for each gallery picture ("Same Window" or "New Window"). You can choose for each gallery picture how to proceed with Lightbox and other onClick occurrences ("Remove" or "Keep"). Each gallery hyperlink allows you to create extra class definitions. You can use [gallery ignore_gallery_link_urls="true"] to disregard the user-defined hyperlinks of an entire gallery.

You can use [gallery open_all_in_new_window="true"] and [gallery open_all_in_same_window="true"] to open all pictures in a whole gallery in a new or the same pane. You can use [gallery preserve_click_events="true"] to hold Lightbox or other onClick occurrences on all user-defined pictures in an overall gallery. You can use [gallery remove_links="true"] to delete a link to all pictures in an overall gallery.

You can use [gallery rel="nofollow"] to create a rel property with the value "nofollow" for all your gallery members. Specify the value "[none]" if it was typed in to delete the broken gallery later. Example: add_filter('wpgcl_filter_raw_gallery_link_url','my_gallery_link_url_filter', 10, 3 ); you should now be able to see adjustments for each picture as in the plug-in screenshots when working on a gallery.

Now you should be able to see the setting for each picture as in the plug-in screenshots when you edit a gallery. #1 ) Will this plug-in work with the gallery of my topic? has its own private method to store gallery pictures and mark up the gallery. Maybe I'd like to see #6 below.

3 ) When I activate the plug-in, the style in my gallery changes. 4 ) I want to use the customized hyperlink in my own gallery style or in another customized style. Where can I get the customized hyperlink? User-defined hyperlinks are saved as image metadata and can be recalled with the following steps:

Get_post_meta ( $attachment_id,'_gallery_link_url', true); in your own source and use your own variables at this point. 5 ) I have my gallery adjusted so that it removes lightweightbox effect, but they still come, possibly with nothing in them. If I activate the plug-in, nothing changes in my gallery, even if I put user-defined hyperlinks.

Why?'Gallery' as a page style setting in a drop-down menu" or "I see[somethemename_gallery] in my content"), they are adding their own versions of user-defined hyperlinks that work with their own coding. no matching hyperlinks, so this plug-in won't be able to exchange user-defined value.

Try #2: Make sure the on-click effect is on " delete " if you still have unwanted lightbox/carousel pop-ups. To try #3: Make sure that the Hook used by this plug-in (the post_gallery filter) is invoked. The feature (assuming that the attribute tag given to the short code feature is "$attr"):

#7 ) The customized hyperlinks work well, but I need help to change the layout of my gallery, such as distance between pictures, alignment of pictures or resizing of pictures. Same style for tag without hyperlinks around them. 8 ) I have created a lightbox/carousel when a users clicking on an picture, and I want to put the picture in the lightbox/carousel windows hyperlink to the customized hyperlink.

Sadly these pictures are placed in these places via your special lightbox/carousel Java script libraries, which is outside the framework of this plug-in. The five star rating is for the functionality and with the desire that the designer add a function to select the contribution to which the picture is appended instead of having to open another box to get this links information in the center of a gallery creation.

Keep this plug-in up to date as it is a much needed plug-in. Thanks, I couldn't get any of the pictures to refer to a specific link, instead they simply went to the WP medium page of that picture. At the top of the page a number of about six errors were displayed, beginning with this:

"The WP Gallery Custom Links" is open code work. Following persons have added to this plug-in. A " Don't modify " standard destination has been added to enhance system behavior by decreasing the number of rules that "_self" applies to each gallery element. When your design by default opens all gallery elements in a new pane and you choose to leave them in the same pane, you must append open_all_in_same_window="true" to your gallery link code.

In response to many requests, the possibility of adding extra class definitions to each picture in the gallery has been added. Java script that tries to deactivate light boxes now works in the browser windows. document.ready. document additionally available. with Java script dependent on source layer. Every other windows. The on-load feature should be maintained.

When off () nicht definiert ist, wird stattdessen unbind() aufgerufen. disparaît de l'affichage. attributs de l'option gallery d'unfix. d'unfix. d'unfix. de l'autre, un code court pour que les attachments des galeries ou de toute une galerie ouvrent une fenêtre dans un nouveaue/le même fenêtre, forçage à faire ce qui fait la fenêtre, à la place du thème par défaut.

A possible bug has been corrected with an indefinite Photon CDN "preserve_click" tag for URLs). Developed event ("remove" by default). Adjust all user-defined pictures in a gallery to "preserve" their OnClick event. Developed gallery user-defined link will be ignored and the usual file/attachment settings will be used. Developed.

Corrected a problem where Java Script Hoover effect on pictures did not work correctly. In response to many requests, an optional feature has been added to open gallery picture link in a new browser screen.

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