Avada Gallery Plugin

Gallery Avada Plugin

Create a gallery with a picture frame You can use the Picture Frame item to make a picture gallery on a page or use the Gallery ID item to pose. We' re going to show you how to use the'Gallery ID' options to include several picture frame items that make up a Gallery of Lightboxes. Hint: This posting describes how to build a gallery in which each picture is a separate frame item associated by a shared gallery ID.

First of all this is to have a light box gallery. When you want to make a unique item that shows a gallery of pictures, you should take a look at our Gallery item. 1 - Creating a new page or editing an old one. Stage 2 - Click the Use Fusion Builder icon to enable the Fusion Builder.

3 - Insert a container into the page and then select a columns look. 4 - Click the "+ Element" icon to open the Elements pane. Find the picture frame element and click it to attach it to the page. 4 - Insert an picture with the'Image' checkbox and change the 'Image Lightbox' checkbox to Yes.

When you want to adjust another light box picture, allocate it via the'Light box picture' item. 5 - Select the item you want to use for the frame. Stage 6 - Repeat Stages 4-5 to create more picture frame items. To keep the previously selected style choices, just click the Clone Item button on the first frame item and modify only the associated thumbnail.

Stage 1 - After you've added all your picture frame items, you can choose which picture frames to include in your Lightbox Gallery. 2 - Modify the photo frame you want to include in the Lightbox Gallery and find the'Gallery ID' for it. Enter a Gallery ID in this box.

Stage 3 - Repeat Stage 2 until you have added your Gallery ID to all photo frames that appear in the Lightbox Gallery. The Gallery ID can be added to any number of picture frame items. 4 - Click'Save Design' or'Publish' to commit your changes.

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