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One of the best how-to guides for Avada out there. start manual When you have a question, the first thing you need to do before you file a issue is to set up a backup email address. Please try to browse our suppor resource with your keyword, most of the times the response is in one of our postings awaiting to be found. In case you cannot find your response, please send a question to our technical staff.

Our understanding is that only one way to provide assistance for your shopping is not enough. Yeah, that's the right 5, combined with our 5-star customer care, you'll never be kept in the dark. Just let us know. Discover our Customer Care Center below: From WordPress for its top level customer experience. From other Avada clients.

Our articles come with 6 month free of charge lifelong update and full technical assistance. As soon as the 6-month period of your 6-month period of assistance has expired, you have the option to prolong your 6-month or 12-month period of assistance. And if you decide not to upgrade your technical assistance, you can still send us error messages via e-mail or article commentary and continue to have full control over our on-line documents, knowledge base, and tutorial videos.

You will need your ThemeForest order code, which you can obtain only after purchasing the topic at Themeforest. net. As soon as you are logged in, you must log in to our Customer Service Centre with your new user ID to get full use of our ticketing system and other customer service functions.

Prior to submitting a ticketing, we ask that you complete a sequence of procedures to make sure that we can respond to your request as quickly and precisely as possible. As soon as you have made sure that all stages have been taken, you can now present a ticketing if you have a questions or need help.

Getting to Avada with our Quick Start Guide is a complete, extensive guide. Avada's Advanced Option Network is its spine. Those choices give you full command over your site and allow you to adjust the look without having to touch a line of coding. Avada offers three main sets of choices you can use within Avada: Fusion Theme choices, Fusion Page choices, and Fusion Builder Element choices.

Avada is full of topic choices with kind permission from Fusion Builder & Fusion Core. You can also get your own page option directly related to our topic option. Every single item is also equipped with its own set of features. Therefore we compile guidelines and documentation, which keep you informed about our conditions, how we treat your personal information and what responsibility we have towards you as a client.

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