Avada Header Widget

The Avada Headline Widget

Assign widget ranges avada has 5 widget enabled areas. The widget enabled areas are the Foot Profiles, Slide Bars, Tab s, Tab S, Side Bars, Megamenu Profiles, and the Widget Arealement. In these areas, you can allocate a widget area. Those areas can include both pre-built widgets and user-defined widgets.

See below for details on how to allocate widget ranges to each widget-capable area. To activate column footers and choose the number of displayed column footers, go to Avada > Topic Options > Window Footers. Up to 6 column can be displayed in your bottom row.

Click on the icon below to learn more about how to assign a widget to a bottom line. A sidebar is a container that accepts widget areas. Activate side bars in different areas of your website in the Avada > Topic Options > Side bars panels or in the Fusion Page Options on each page or posting.

To activate scroll bars and choose the number of displayed bars, go to the Avada > Topic Option > Scroll bars pane. Up to 6 column can be displayed. Click on the buttons below to learn more about how to assign the widget to the slide bars. Activate the Megamenu on the Appearance > Menus page in your WP Administration Area.

Up to 6 colums can be added to your super meals. Click on the buttons below to learn more about how to associate widget portions with your Megamenu. Use the Fusion Builder widget range item to apply widget ranges to any page or contribute to it. Use the widget range item with any of the pillar items to reformat the page.

Click on the icon below to find out more about the Widget Arealement.

You must create a new area in the header.

With the Avada subject. On the head the logotype is flush leftside and I have two logotype for clocks ( Tudor and Rolex) on the right side. I' ve just found out that the jeweller is not permitted to have the two logotypes side by side, so we have to move the Tudor logotype over the leftside of the logotype (like your old side):

Somehow I seem to have to build an area where I can enter contents (maybe like a widget area).... or even just hardcode the Tudor badge in there (I don't really like to hardcode, but if it needs to be done...). However, the Tudor emblem will appear through a validation procedure.

I' m not sure if this will cause a modification of what we have to do to get the logotype there or not, but I wanted to be sure to put it here.

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