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At any time and as often as you like, you can change the static homepage of your website. Activate your homepage It is the first page that your website users will see when they visit your website. Configuring your home page is the same as configuring another normal page, except that you must specify in the WordPress preferences which page is assigned as the default home page for your Web site.

Allows you to modify the home page of your website at any point and as often as you like. Stage 1 - Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and browse to the Settings > Read section. 2 - Scroll to A Stable Page. 3 - From the Title Page drop-down box, browse to the desired page as the Home page.

Display of past and forthcoming activities on the homepage (Avada theme)

Hi, I have to show my past and future shows together on my homepage. Hello, Jessica, I'd like to help you with that. Will you please log in so that I can check your account? Or if you don't have a licence (which covers one year of support), you should check out the volunteers communities on WordPress.org:

It' not the same amount of assistance, but it's free! Even once a month we review these boards and help as much as we can. We' d like to make these benevolent fora available to the general if we could afford them, but we would quickly go bust if we gave all the benevolence for free.

There is a section to adjust the standard date for our built-in queue view: if (! tribe_is_event_query() ||||| ! Send_query() ||||| $wp_query->get( 'eventDate') ) ! $date ='2000-01-01' ; $wp_query->set('eventDate', $date) ; add_action('parse_query','tribe_set_default_date', 100) ; add_action('parse_query','tribu_set_default_date', 100) $wp_query globale ; $new_val ='value="'' . esc_attr ( $wp_query->get('eventDate')) ) ) )

Setting it to a date in the far past will cause all occurrences to take place after that, and so there will be no division of previous/after because they are all imminent. However, this would probably not work on your homepage, just the major calendars listing that our plug-in will create.

You sound as if you're using a Avada-developed wideget, and I don't think we have any kind of coding that works without a thorough programmer's mod.

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