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Selling Avada Las Vegas Nevada houses. Bay Homes Charter Homes Customer Spotlight - Avada Yacht Charter Bay Homes is a luxury yacht charter company. Since 2009, they have been supplying attractive houses to happy clients, specialising in custom-made products throughout the Tampa region. Your classy Avada-operated website is a great example of a perfect running operation and was largely created by Charity Stockland, Office Manager of Charter Bay.

She was kind enough to take enough of her busy timetable to discuss Charter Bay Homes as a company, and it is the use of Avada in particular. Could you tell us a little about yourself and your commitment to Charter Bay Homes? In 2009 my spouse, Eric Stockland, founded Charter Bay while I was going back to college to do my bachelor's degree.

At the Academy of Art University I attended on-line courses focusing on New Media Web Development. Designed the Charter Bay website, corporate identity and promotional material. Besides editing the website and providing sales material, I am also the office manager for Charter Bay. Q: Can you tell us a little about Charter Bay Homes as a company?

For more than 20 years Eric has been active in residential construction. Having taken a year off, we resolved to launch our own residential construction activities in 2009. Our selection of our clients is very strict. Focusing on high-quality customized construction and remodelling solutions. F: Charter Bay Homes is an unbelievably well composed community location.

And we wanted to make sure that our contents were organised and easily readable and that prospective customers would find what they were looking for when they visit our site. F: What is the greatest error you think web pages make in the buildings alcove? F: It is an old concept whose timing has come and which is prominent on your website.

It is a creative approach that concentrates on the effective use of natural and man-made assets such as utilities, electricity and buildings while at the same time mitigating the impact on human life and the natural world. That is achieved through enhanced designs, meticulous choice of products, progressive engineering techniques and the right positioning on site. F: There is a great deal of information in the blogs section of your website that covers everything from contract to case study.

As part of your overall email mixing, how important is the blogs? Like I said before, we thought that a blogs is very important. First page we created was a statical HTML page with a hyperlink to a WordPress blogs. After we had converted our whole website to WordPress (at the beginning of 2014) and began with the regular publication, the telephone conversations increased.

Actually, we were so preoccupied that we didn't have much longer enough blogs to do! Our goal is to get the blogs up and running again because we appreciate the importance of delivering good information to our readership as well as good information about our people. Unfortunately, typing a good poster with high value photographs can take a long amount of your attention, and as a small business it's something we don't have much of.

F: How do you ensure that Charter Bay Homes sets itself apart in the midst of an unbelievably challenging Florida scenery? The point is, we're small by nature. Our approach is not to take on too many jobs at once and we are very selectively in the jobs we do.

By nature we are small and we want to remain so. F: What is the most unusual/interesting customized building or refurbishment or refurbishment in which Charter Bay Homes has been a part? F: Avada currently operates the charterbayhomes.com website. Was WordPress your preferred plattform and Avada your preferred topic-wise?

First page I created for Charter Bay was a statical HTML page with a hyperlink to a WordPress-Blog. When I was in college I took a course on PHP and MySQL, but I was terrible. Initially I tried Avada on my own personnal portofolio page and found it to be very user-friendly.

What I liked was that there was so much documentary, because every single times I got into difficulties, I could find the answers in the forum or in theirs. As it was getting late to visit the Charter Bay page, I chose to work with Avada again. Charter Bay was just my second WordPress page, which shows you how good Avada is and how simple it is to customise it with a little help of the CSS.

I' m not an expert-knowledge writer for CSS, but Avada made it simple for me. F: Charter Bay Homes makes ample use of images from past and present properties compared to a stylish overall look. What did Avada do to help you present your work? Since Charter Bay was a new business, we did not have good photographs of our work.

Since we didn't have the right to use photos of houses Eric had constructed while working for other clients, we had to be imaginative with our pictures on the website. In the end, I created individual pictures from the layouts of two of the current project we are working on.

Using the slider controls made it simple to present these stylised layouts on the home page. Things that began as a dilemma became a large part of the overall concept. For the near term, I am planning to include a web page with my portfolios to present our finished work. F: Is there a particular Avada that makes it particularly attractive to either the engineering or team?

F: Is there a specific area of features that you would like us to expand with Avada? For some time I haven't tampered with Avada, so I'm sure there are new things that have been added since my last search. Nothing occurs to me at the moment, but if I could, I'm sure Avada has already added it!

There were a few little things I had wanted to do when I began to build the site - when I was done they had already added them. Charter Bay Homes' website's styleful and calming design should be an example to any company wishing to make a name for itself out there.

We' re happy that they have chosen Avada to help their company do its best. Charity's second WordPress page, Charter Bay Homes, is quite amazing when you look at the final work. What we were particularly excited to learn was how simple it was for them to use Avada to realize their visions of designing.

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