Avada Icon List

Icon Avada List

Complete icon list with names. In the following you will find all font symbols that are integrated with Avada. Fantastic icons that don't show the problem in Avada.

Avada Checklist

With the checklist item, you can simply place beautiful designed checklists anywhere on your website. Select one of the Font Awesome symbols, select the symbol and text sizes, use circular wallpapers, navigate all colours, use our portable viewing system and more! Every checklist authority can use a circular backdrop that sets the symbol directly to the top.

Simply select the colour of both the circles and the symbols. Every checklist instances can also be managed exactly to the pixels, with typographic adjustments such as automatic line spacing adjustment for a neat outline. Select whether you want to use the same Font Awesome icon for the whole list or a different Font Awesome icon for each list element in the group.

With our portable viewing system, you have full command of which ads are available on 3 different display heights. Each Fusion Builder item has these preferences and allows you to show or hide items at different display heights. You can also select what size screens they are! So you have the maximal amount of power to determine the precise point at which you want an item to show or fade.

Any options and descriptions contained with the checklist item are shown below. symbolcolor - Accepts a hex code ( #0000000000). Specifies the symbol colour for all list elements. Leaving the field for selecting the topic options empty. cycle - Can be one of these values: default, yes, yes, or no. Determines whether the symbol is round or not.

Select the standard for selecting the topic options. Circleolor - Accepts a hex code ( #000000000000). Defines the symbol wallpaper for all list elements. Leaving the field empty for selecting the design options. parameter value - Accept a pixels value, which determines the value of the design elements. E.g. Display Screen - Select this to show or hide elements on small, middle or large screen displays.

Point them at all or just a few, giving you full command of all display resolutions. Every display has its own customized width in Fusion Theme Options. classic - Adds a customized category to the enveloping HTML elements for further customizing your CCS.

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