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FAT image gallery for Wordpress discussed (page 6) Bought FAT gallery and loved it. You want the clients to be able to scan through ALL pictures in lightweight box even if the rotten payload has only a certain amount on it. Have a look at the screenshot of the bugs that I get every time I try to download your plug-in. FAT Gallery plug-in.

There is a bold picture gallery in this item, but you don't see it. Could you tell us where the issue is? Is the plug-in not PILE-aware? Hi, I have purchased your plug-in Favor Gallery, but the gallery is not displayed. This is the only plug-in in which you can install it on your computer.

hello Roninwp, how can i make the gallery albums with a small piece of music? I' ve made a tape that you can see here: Hello, I just got the plug-in. In order to fade out the caption in a bigger version, please insert the following CSS custom in FAT Gallery Setting: My dear Authors, I have already install and enabled the plug-in, but the line "FAT Gallery" does not appear in my administration board (left menu).

The gallery is ok now, I tried to setup it in different ways, the plug-in is great! If I click on a picture in the gallery, a new tabs opens and loads my gallery page again. To Custom CSS in FAT Setting, please include the following code: Can we put a caption and caption under each image?

Currently there is no titles and no descriptions under each image. Twelve and the plug-in does not work properly. Once I disable the plug-in, everything will be all right. What I'm looking for is the creation of a brickwork raster that points to single contributions, that can be sorted by category that reflect the contributions - is that all possible?

Thank you for the fast answer - so can I simply use pictures instead of movies in the videogallery and place links to them? Can' see that on the tape. The filter should display a master gallery image with a hyperlink to a page containing more than one image NOT included in ALL.

All I want is for the master image to be shown, so to say. Have a page that are with the gallery abbreviation and accurate and properly referenced, but it also shows the pictures in the upper section that I do not want as it were hearachy. Can I deactivate the pictures on the respective page that should be displayed at the top-layer?

I' m having trouble combining "Image Gallery" and "Mix Image and Video" so I can go one layer deeper on some of my project to get a page with more information.

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