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Avada debate | Responsive multi-purpose theme (page 676) They could do something very similar with Avada by using the full width short code and column in it. However, it would be a manually set up page that you currently have showing postal titles and links on one side, then postal picture on the other side. There is no postal item set up like this, but this can be done with our other utilities, just not automatic for postal items.

However, the effect of hovering over the postal images is not something we have at the moment. Mmm for the logos questions, there should be no real fonts, but an picture with text. It would be a good idea to upload an artwork as your own logotype, even if it is only text. Add all problem detail, the website address, and the Avada release.

Please provide your WP and FTP log-in information when you create your tickets for a quicker response.

WordPress templates and Joomla themes

Wellcome to part 2 of our serie, which covers all important facets of the WordPress vs. Joomla discussion. Now we will cover Joomla and WordPress drafts, frames and topics. Basically Joomla and WordPress topics seem to be similar. An obvious tendency I have seen with topics and template designs is that Joomla template designs seem to be created and created with a view to diversity, while WordPress topics are created with a certain goal in mind- usually contextual.

Joomla Premier template contains all the sounds of a bell or pipe that will help you customize your website for a particular use. On the other side, it seems that WorldPress topics are mostly restricted to one use only. One way or another, his traps are in place, but I must say I like Joomla better in this part.

One thing I think is important is that you can have indigenous multitemplate capability within a website - in other words, the possibility to choose a particular template/theme for different pages on your website. The Joomla does not offer this feature and WordPress. Personally, I think it's possible in WordPress through the use of plug-ins and customizations - but I couldn't be disturbed if Joomla could do it creatively.

When you need to make a certain page look different than the others - and a different page layout is your best choice - you can use Joomla for this website. When I wrote this article, even after doing some research, I thought WordPress didn't provide more than one topic.

Turns out it does by using something known as page masters. In this way, you can choose different styles for different pages. However, I would like to say that I still think that Joomla's multi templating feature is more user-friendly for end use. If you are involved in creating customized layouts and topics, I can't tell you a big deal about the differences between Joomla and WordPress.

Again, I have the feeling that WordPress is finite when it comes to the development of user-defined template. The only reason could be that I began with Joomla and learnt that I have virtually no restrictions when it comes to template creation. It will give you a good point of departure to find out more about Joomla and/or WordPress template dating.

I like to design a WordPress page based on one of the many great framework that are available for the CMS. Sometimes I also do this for a Joomla website, but I have a tendency to find that the WordPress framework is usually better than the one for Joomla, as well as the fact that I am more satisfied with programming customized Joomla template than with WordPress theming.

Which is a Frameworks? Frameworks help you to create a great design with half the hassle as they provide the non-visual items and optimizations that should be in a design and otherwise need to be added by you. Some of the things normally provided by a framework are things like modul locations, IE6 alerts (which should hopefully never be seen again), a backend console, and simple typographical controls.

Good governance will translate generally recognised designs and developments. Thus, for example, many framework are built on the 960 grids system, which is still favored by many webmasters. Recently I've discovered that some of the frameworks contain Ajax functionality and make the interfaces available for other plug-ins to use Ajax as well.

Several of the most widely-used web sites have been transformed into full HTML5 and CSS3 web sites, which is great for creating a web site that is compatible with advanced technologies. Often a good frame offers possibilities to view a portable one. Where should I use whichmeworks? We have three frames that I would suggest at the this time.

There are two of them with Joomla and WordPress version and the other one is only a WordPress script. WARP is probably my favourite web site at the present time and the one I use on my own website. The WARP has Joomla and WordPress version. It' s fully HTML5 and CSS3 conform and contains just about all the features you'd want from a good skeleton.

Gantry is also available for Joomla and WordPress. It' s similar to the WARP frameworks, but contains more possibilities for adaptation. That makes it a little more extensive than YooTheme's optional, but it's still a great one. The Genesis is a frameworks developed in collaboration with some of the Copyblogger boys, which means it's amazing to have.

Designed only for WordPress, it is used and endorsed by some of the Internet's greatest celebrities, such as Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress), Darren Rowse of Problogger, and Chris Brogan. Genesis' most important sales argument is that it provides a search-optimized skeleton for your WordPress page. It' s an excellent choice for blogging and web based sites and, although not free, it is definitely a good idea to choose WordPress as your CMS.

Regarding template dating for WordPress and Joomla, it really depends on your own preferences. Joomla is much more flexible and for someone who is comfortable with the Joomla CMS there are really no restrictions on use. However, if you're not looking for something too unusual, WordPress topics can be just right for you - they're good for minimalist designs.

Please tell us about your experiences with Joomla template, WordPress topics and framework in the commentaries below.

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