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Updating Avada translation files. The Avada function of ShiftNav's Back key is not working properly if you use the "Shift" submenus. View and configure FAQ's on your website PLEASE NOTE: The Avada 5.0 page templates have become obsolete for Avada 5.0 in favour of an Avada 5.

0 item for enhanced design/layout versatility, and are only available in Avada 5. Avada contains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) item that allows you to add Frequently Asked Questions items anywhere on a page, several pages, and anywhere on your website.

FAQ mail can be organised into category and filters by your people. For information on how to build FAQ items and how to build a FAQ section on the site, see below. You should have one or more custom FAQ items created before you add a FAQ item to the page.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) messages are the most frequently asked question you want to answer for your user. Read below for more information on how to make an answer to an issue in the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ). Stage 1 - Browse to the FAQ page in WordPress Admin Sidebar and choose the " Add New " button to insert a new mail.

The Fusion Builder can be used to create items in the FAQs. 4 - Set a FAQ mail type to a specific one. It allows your user to sort the FAQ items by categories. In order to associate a FAQ mail with a specific FAQ item, find the "FAQ Categories" field on the right side of the page and click on "Add new category".

As soon as you have generated your own Frequently Asked Questions postings, use the Frequently Asked Questions item to view any location on a page, several pages of your website. It has a number of configurable choices and can be used with any item in the columns. Read below to find out how to use the Frequently Asked Questions item.

1 - Creating a new page or editing an old one. Stage 2 - Adds a new pedestal or adds a columns to an already created pedestal. You can use the FAQ item with any desired columnsize, e.g. 1/1 or 1/2 etc. Stage 3 - For the row to which you want to attach the FAQ item, click on the'+ item' to open the'Items' pane.

Find the answer to your question and click it to open the options-pane. Stage 4 - Customize the settings according to your needs. For example, you can select which category to show or close, which pictures to show or hide, which elements to show, and much more. If you are about to create or edit an error message entry, browse to the Fusion Page Option field on the Error page by scrolling below the WordPress Content Editor to find the error message page.

Read below to learn more about the Fusion Page Option available on the FAQ page. PLEASE NOTE: The Fusion page option overrides the overall option specified in the Fusion theme option. Enable first feature dated images - Illustrated as A. Allows you to enable or disable the first feature dated images in the FAQ mail.

Illustrated as B. Allows you to adjust the size of the format ted images in pixel or percent, e.g. 100% or 100%. Make Use 100% Width Page - Illustrated as C. Allows you to adjust the FAQ mail to 100% web width. Videotape Embedded Codes - Illustrated as D. Allows you to append a Videotape by pasting Youtube or Vimeo Embedded Codes.

View related items - Illuminated as E. Allows you to show or hide related items for this item. Shows or hides the Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Visual Show Display Previous/Next Page - displayed as G. Allows you to show or hide the postal navigator.

Display Authors Infofield - displayed as H. Allows you to show or hide the authors infofield. Shows Mail Metro - Illustrates like me. Allows you to show or hide the Mail Metro. Display Comment - displayed as J. Allows you to show or hide the comment area.

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