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Best 25+ Attorney WordPress Topics for Law Firm 2018

After all, the law sector focuses on a number of key assets - confidence, empathy, reliability and professionality. Topics developed with the law community in view should provide all the features to make your work easy and not be an excuse for your customers to find another agent. The abundance of available topics, together with your scarce leisure activities, however, means that you have to be content with a topic that is not up to the challenge.

We' ve reviewed the hundred topics available, and below are our top pick - over 20 of the best topics out there, all suited for attorneys, consultancies and law offices. The HumanRights is a nice theme with a stylish, contemporary look. A full-page slide control under the heading and menus greets the visitor immediately.

The scroll down menu shows a large number of contents that can refer to other pages on the site, among them blogs, practical areas and attorney-profile. Although this topic does not contain many additional functions, it compensates for what it does not have in terms of bell and whistle with easy layout and base functions.

Briefly, it's simple to browse and yet gives your website an amazing look of professionalism. It is also fully reactive and retina-ready, interoperable with most popular web browser, and supports the WPML translator plug-in, so your users won't have trouble getting access to your work. The HumanRights software contains the Revolution Slider and Visual Composer plug-ins, so customization of your website is simple.

How attorney issues go, the firm is an outstanding example of a fast-response, multifaceted topic that can work for many different types of counsel and solicitors. The theme was developed to have a cleaner, more sophisticated look. Visual Composer plug-in and a large number of shortcuts are provided with the theme so you can adjust the look of your website with ease.

The law firm is also not afraid of plug-in assistance. There are four slide control plug-ins, so you have many choices for picture gallery. Further practical features include the WP Booking Calendar plug-in for an on-line scheduling system, Ajax searching so users can quickly find what they need, and a Bookmarks pane so users can add bookmarks to important pages directly on the front end of the site.

You can also see converter box in the slide bar on the home page so you can quickly redirect your users to other areas of the site. The Lawyer Base is a fancy, contemporary theme developed for attorneys, but useful for any lawyer or company website. It' also very reactive, so you know your contents will look great no matter what your website visitor's machine is using.

The Lawyer Base has the default adjustment option. A dozen of shortcuts, many colour selections and a number of side bar configuration make it simple to customise the look and feel of your website. The theme even comes with many layouts, multiple mail delivery modes, and an integrated mega-menu. Additionally to the adjustment option, Lawyer Base contains the Master Slider plug-in for nice picture galeries and support the WooCommerce and WPML plug-ins for on-line buying and multilingualism.

With Lawyer Base, it's simple to show what your firm has to say (and make them look good). One of the most diverse multi-purpose themes, ItGem is based on over 40 stunning demonstrations. Quick and light, this design offers 150 demonstration pages with customizable layout.

Adapting it is a piece of cake as Visual Composer and two other plug-ins are shipped with TheGem: and LayerSlider. Author names this topic "The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress Themes". Whilst it is advisable to be careful when it comes to one unit sized, the Gem really seems to have the versatility you need to build a professionally run law firms website.

Whilst Kaufman superficially looks like another lawyer's topic, it is supported by all the enhanced functions offered by the ThemeFuse suite. When you want individual customisation, with a few surprise surprises, you won't be dissapointed. This includes ThemeFuse's easy-to-use graphical editor, limitless color, and over 700 Google fonts.

Featuring integrated Google Maps, a collaborative design template and a testimonial section, Kaufman has everything you need (and more) to make an appealing and professionally featured website. Facum is a one-sided theme, equipped with functions specially developed for law firms. Fully reactive, retina-ready, with easy-to-create chapters to describe your office, staff list, customer and company information.

Like in most areas, the establishment of a web site has become a practical demand in the law professions. Whether you are an individual or a small business, you will be most likely to find WizeLaw, which provides a range of capabilities aimed at advocates, counselors and advocates. There is a strong focus on visual elements in the overall look, so you can prevent overextending your customers with writing; instead, you can address them with an elegant, professionally designed website that presents pictures of your site and your people.

It is also easily integrated with online community management software so you can improve your visitors' loyalty and allow them to ask and receive fast assistance. A lot of demos are available, among them different homepage choices, posting styles and blogsayouts. Adjustment is straightforward and there are more than enough choices.

The management of these choices is done through a user-defined window where choices about colour, fonts, sidebars, headings and more can be made in the same place. The aim of this theme is to allow you to simply build an appealing, stunning website that looks exactly the way you want it to - one that enhances your company's image on-line.

Of course, confidence is an important term in any regulatory environment - it is probably a pillar of the whole professional world. Confidence is also important when selecting a topic. In this sense, O'Connor could be the ideal instrument to build a website for your law firm.

From the packaging, this looks sturdy, and uses its wealth of customisation possibilities in a tasteful way to produce a standard look that really catches the eye. If you want to make your own optimizations, you can use the supplied WPBakery Page Builder plug-in. It is also possible to browse and upload your website using the included GT3 Photo & Video Gallery plug-in.

Although you are not a programmer, there are many ways to build a website that you can be proud of. We have pretty much everything a law office could need from a website, plus customized mail type for case areas, case results, and member profile. Response theme is simple and simple and features a home page with seven user-defined widgets and font awesome symbols.

Missing bell and whistle in a theme usually causes difficulties - but what is missing in LawyeriaX's added features is compensated by a robust, versatile desig. Plug-ins are not packaged, and your styling choices are finite. It would be too early, however, to assess the subject on the basis of what it is lacking.

You can edit layouts with the SiteOrigin Page Builder plug-in (available for free in the WordPress.org plug-in directory) - known as one of the best drag-and-drop builder ever. Overall, although most of LawyeriaX's features are not overwhelming, perhaps you are looking for a no-nonsense theme that can be extended with other plug-ins.

Full-featured, feature-rich and challenging, it is a fully accessible topic for any law firm. It differs from many alternative solutions in the variety of customisable features, the Slider Revolution plug-in and a scheduling plug-in that can help you build a fun and professionally designed website.

Built-in drag-and-drop video editing lets you quickly adjust various styling features, most of which are made possible by high-performance user-defined broadgets. Those layout features encompass a variety of typographic choices, scripts, animations, as well as layout. Playing with the different intuitive choices, you can create a website that is best suited for your work.

You can also use Defender's Slider Revolution plug-in to further modernise your website and give it a hint of refinement. With this plug-in you can easily animate slideshows/presentations to present your service or whatever you want your customers and prospects to know about your work. A further highlight that makes it an important topic for any law firm is the Appointments plug-in.

Combined with a calendaring function, this plug-in allows your customers to quickly and simply make bookings. It also has an event organizer that allows you to organize outstanding and authorized events. Overall, it is a good option for companies that need a website with a good equilibrium between style and functionality.

De-Jure is a lively, professionally and adaptable subject for any law firm that wants to differentiate itself. The theme allows you to build advanced and engaging pages with various built-in functions and plug-ins, such as Off Canvas side bar (to insert a side bar into a full width page), megamenus (to build sleek and easy navigation), various mail type (portfolio, blogs and testimonials), Revolution Slider plug-in (to build fast reacting contents sliders) and para-lax scroll.

And all this allows you to build a website with advanced, highly engaging layout. They also have the ability to use conventional legitimate page layout for a less vibrant (but elegant) website. Visual Composer's drag-and-drop plug-in allows you to quickly and simply adjust the above functions. With the it you can, for example, make stylish pages from the empty page style.

Combine and combine different elements of your website designs to build a personalised website that matches your company's distinctive corporate identities. Although we don't want to make hypotheses, it's reasonable to say that if you're working in the law sector, you probably aren't also an experienced WordPress programmer. This is absolutely okay, especially with the variety of topics available.

Lawyer for example is perfect for those who need to quickly build a quick and stylish website. In contrast to some other topics, here you will find your possibilities for adaptation somewhat restricted. But if you have your own page layouts in mind, you can use the included WPBakery Page Builder plug-in (along with many Google fonts and shortcuts) to make a website exactly the way you want it.

It' s fresh to see how a topic focuses on the fundamentals. There is even a lot under the bonnet to seduce seasoned developer, which means that this theme is a very scaleable way of shaping your website. The Libero is a powerful, contemporary theme that helps you make a big contribution. When you want to build a website that's stylish and contemporary yet really stand out from the masses, Libero may have everything you need.

You probably won't have to do a great deal of designing with 27 well thought-out page layout. But if you want to make changes, Libero offers the easy-to-use Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and many adjustable features. Overall, this issue has had an effect from the outset.

It is a neat, reactive and simple to use topic for any kind of juridical website. Provides a good equilibrium between function and style so that law professionals can present their professional work. The law firm has several time-saving, customized topic choices that address the most frequently used pages of websites for providing law related information.

Designed with your needs in mind, these customized choices allow you to build a photo of your team's biography, contacts, and other important detail galleries by entering the contents into a simple templates. It is this function that makes the law firm a hands-on and hands-on topic for any location providing law service. In addition, Law Practise provides a variety of easy to customize web site designs to give you an eye-catching website.

Integrate multiple colour options, more than 650 Google fonts, and different typographic lifestyles into your designs and create perfect page layout with ease using Drag-and-Drop Build. It also comes with the Live Revolution Slider to give your website fully reactive slider. Briefly, Law Practice makes it simple to create a website that is fun to use and beautiful to look at.

This practice is a tailor-made WordPress topic for lawyers, law practices or consulting companies, characterised by a contemporary look in the beloved fl at des stile of des. Fully reactive theme includes a wide range of integrated engine optimisation utilities and can be installed with a single click. The CompanyLaw is a fully reactive, web-enabled and extremely adaptable product that is simple to use and fast to deploy.

Delivered with user-defined contributions and intuitively customizable utilities to build a fun and neat website for law enforcement. The CompanyLaw offers a large selection of customized articles that make it fast and simple to start your website. User-defined contributions include teams member galeries, case studies presentation, practical areas and detail.

Practical function that can be combined with CompanyLaw's versatile layout possibilities to provide a cleaner and more contemporary location. The CompanyLaw Theme Option Panels and Page Builder make it easy to build a well-designed website. Topic Option panels allow you to adjust theme items such as theme colours, font, typography, slider and more with ease.

Page Builder lets you quickly build customized pages, include breathtakingly parallaxed pages, and toggle between multiple layout types. Designers of the theme are distinguished by their ability to serve a variety of related companies, among them consultancies, insurers and finance service providers. It' simple to understand why - the clear and neat designs radiate professionality.

Here the Apple popular principle of'Flat Design' is shown, which is perfectly supplemented by a subtile colour pattern and a box-shaped outline. Build a demonstration to get an impression of what the site is designed for, or use the built-in Page Builder to build pages that are tailored to your needs. WordPress Theme Customizer's well backed real-time theme customizer allows you to see the results of your changes as they are made.

When you have better things to do than set up your website, LegalPress publishers provide a fee-based customisation services. This means that this topic looks so good that you may no longer need it. The firm renounces the traditional ism and focuses on a contemporary, slim styling.

On the homepage of the theme, a full width slide control dominates (powered by the Revolutionlider plug-in). In addition, the site tries to keep things easy, with the homepage holding the section in the expected order. Like many similar topics, Law Practice uses the Visual Composer plug-in to enable front- and backend editing and layouts.

An unusual and very welcome addition are the video tutorials on this topic available on YouTube, which should help you if you get caught. However, the law firm has combined an appealing look with intuitional features through proven plug-ins such as Visual Composer to create a high-quality end work. The LEX is a fast-reacting topic for everyone in the law world.

Returnable styling offers a pull & dropdown page builder, six user-defined mail styles, MailChimp email delivery capabilities, a contacts page, and many other tools such as shortcuts and topic adjustment capabilities. It' s full of Widget topics (there are 11 included) as well as to make setting up your website simple and the topic also contains section for blogs, practical information, case results and field reports.

The LawBusiness is a feature-rich, fast-reacting and networked topic for the law world. It comes with a wide range of website management utilities, as well as customized mail type for service offerings and endorsements, a way to present the profile of your team's lawyers, and integrated query optimisation capabilities.

Probably Avada is the most versatile WordPress topic on the market place. His comprehensive feature set is combined with high-performance plug-ins to satisfy the professional needs of every law firm. Fusion Kern's three key plug-ins - Fusion Kernel, LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution - are designed to help you build a website for your individual needs.

Fusion Core Plug-in requires several utilities, such as the Fusion Builders (a powerful graphical drag-and-drop page builder), to create your page layout according to your specifications. There is also a short code generator (including a variety of short codes that can be further customized) and mega menus, among other things items. The LayerSlider WP and Slider Revolution plug-ins allow you to create your own slider animations for your contributions and pages.

Avada's Theme Option Dashboard allows you to customize the look and feel of the above -mentioned plugin items and various other functions. You' ve got plenty of adjustment possibilities, such as picture effect, color, and type.... Number of functions and adjustment possibilities can be a bit overpowering. Avada's versatility might even discourage you from going too far - to add too many functions could compromise website usability and usability.

Probably Avada is the queen of premier topics, with a range of features and versatility that few (if any) rivals can match. When you' re ready to turn up your sleeve and make the most of its high performance features, it provides everything you need to build a complete website for your surgery.

Richter Dredd puts aside that The Law is a practical topic that is particularly suited for companies that want to support several specialist areas in a prominent way. A full-width adjustable slide control dominates the home page, and directly below is a "Your Practice" section where you can enumerate the areas of law you specialise in.

The Law is a favorite and top-ranked topic and provides a variety of features that are equal to or superior to many of our peers. Stylish design throughout the theme gives The Law a brilliance that only the most dignified rivals in this rounddup can match. Almost anyone with a relation to the lawyer's trade will find Themis with 20 different page layout options.

You can customize the home page using column or tab controls and it contains a slide control, transitions in a fully appealing look. There is also a galery with 10 "legal" pictures and 40 symbols. Included in this high-performance, highly reactive theme are colour, optional, mail and page layouts. Executives are a slider-based theme that can bring out the best in your company.

Attractive design has a sophisticated look and offers customisation possibilities.

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