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The Avada Menu

avada supports custom WordPress menus, with multiple levels of drop-down support for the main menu. Set up the menu Avada provides user-defined WordPress menu options, with multilevel drop-down assistance for the top menu....

The topic has 5 areas where you can allocate a menu. Hauptnavigation, Top-Navigation, Mobile Navigation, 404 Useful Pages and Sticky Header Navigation. To each of these menu items an own menu can be allocated.

As soon as a menu has been generated and allocated to the site, it is used on the front end for the specified areas. You can also use several Fusion theme options to adjust the menu. Primaryavigation - This is the primary menu displayed in the header area. Upper menu - This is the upper secondary menu that can be mapped to headings 2-5.

Navigation - This is the menu used when displaying on portable terminals. The Avada also provides several topic customization choices. You are in the Avada tab > Topic items > Menu. menu (e.g. Main Menu, Mobiles Menu, Top Menu, to name a few).

If you want to design your various menu items, the preferences are here. 2 - Click on the Create A New Menu shortcut and type the menu name you want. In order to store the menu name, click on the Create Menu pushbutton. Stage 3 - To create a menu option, choose one of your pages on the menu on the left and click the Create Menu icon.

4 - To append a user-defined menu option, click the User-defined Links menu entry toolbar, then type a user-defined name and address in the appropriate text boxes, and click Append to Menu. In order to make a drop-down menu, just pull a menu point below and slightly to the right of another menu point and it locks.

This sets the menu element as a subordinate element and displays it as a drop-down menu element instead. Stage 6 - Once you have created your menu, move down the page to associate the menu with one of the 5 items in the Topic items field. This is a screenshots showing the different areas and description of the menu section described above.

In some cases, a site that is quite complicated requires more than one menu at the point of the home menu. Most likely, if you want a one-page website with a pallax scroll menu (see here for more information: Setup One Page) as target page, but also a complete website at the same to have.

Because the one-sided page part of the site uses menu anchor to scroll, it needs a different menu than the remainder of the site that uses regular link. You can easily set up the menu you want to use on almost all pages of your website as shown above.

Allocate it to the menu item and you're done. A second menu, specially designed for the single-sided side panel, is not associated with a specific position in the menu setup. To associate them with your particular page, perform these two steps: And if you haven't already done so, browse to your administrator's Pages section and click New.

2 - Scroll down to find the Fusion Page Options field and find the Main Navigation Menu drop-down list, where you can select your new menu for the one-page page from the top.

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